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Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

When it comes to looking beautiful, women always pay great attention to how their eyes look. Eyes are regarded as the most attractive features and by applying mascara you can make them look all the more appealing. Personally i always love to apply mascara whenever going out. Mascara is primarily used to add volume, length and darkness to your eyelashes so that they look more sultry and seductive. 

Types of Mascara for eyes

There are mascara available in various forms it could be liquid mascara, cake form or in cream form too. The cake mascara is basically applied to your eyelashes with the help of a wet brush. Cream mascara is available in lotion form. This has to be squeezed in order to use it. You can apply this form with the help of a brush. The third one is the liquid mascara which in fact is the easiest to use and most popular too.

Harmful effects of mascara on sensitive eyes

However you should be quite cautious when you are choosing the best mascara for sensitive eyes mainly because the chemical ingredients which are present in mascara may adversely affect your eyes if they enter your eyes. This could harm your eyes and sometimes may even cause blindness too if left untreated. So, be cautious always.

A number of women are allergic to various kinds of ingredients, which if are present in mascara may even cause burning sensation or itchiness or irritation also. If you suffer from any complications caused due to mascara, you may suffer from watering of the eyes and redness too.

Mascara ingredients

If you are choosing best mascara for sensitive eyes, then you also need to be aware of the various kind of ingredients which are present in the mascara so that you know which are the chemicals you might be allergic to.

The most common ingredients of mascara are pigments, oils and waxes along with adequate amount of water.

The various oils include lanolin, mineral oil, castor oil. Seasame oil too is used as one of the ingredients.

Choosing mascara for sensitive eyes

When you go to buy the mascara for sensitive eyes, you have to check out the various ingredients which are used.

It is preferred to buy the mascara meant for sensitive eyes only.

Buy mascara which has organic and natural ingredients rather than the one which has 
harmful or artificial chemicals.

Make sure it is tested and approved by dermatologist.

Best mascaras for sensitive eyes

Aveda Plus Rose Mascara: this is one of the most preferred brands of mascara for sensitive eyes. Women who suffer from allergies and irritation in the eyes should use this mascara. This is made from natural beeswax hence causes no harm to your eyes. Apart from this, it also has Brazilian wax and rose extracts.

Miessence Organic Mascara
It is an organic mascara with nourishing ingredients. Some of the ingredients to be found in the Miessence  organic mascara includes jojoba oil, aloe vera juice, shea butter. It also has rose oil and beeswax. It does not cause any irritation to the eyes and hence you can buy the same.

Almay Triple Effect Mascara
Almay triple effect mascara is specifically meant for sensitive eyes because it contains various natural ingredients, vitamins and herbs. It also has aloevera. Buy Now
This mascara is not just best for sensitive eyes but it is also waterproof mascara too. Thus, you can achieve perfect looking eyes and use it with ease. It does not contain any harmful chemicals or ingredients. Due to the anti sensitivity formula, they are not sensitive on the eyes. Owing to the conditioning ingredients present in the Lash Lacquer, the eyelashes remain moisturised and healthy too. 

Girls, here is your best top 5 mascaras which you surely can buy, these are meant for sensitive eyes. Just read the reviews and make your own decision:

You don’t have to despair for sure if you have sensitive eyes because you can always use an organic and natural ingredients mascara for sensitive eyes. They give you the perfect look and desired eyelashes without any harm to the sensitive eyes.

Well, i believe mascara really makes your eyes outshine, giving the eyelashes a healthy and beautiful look, I simply love it...What about you girls? Do you love mascara on your eyes? If Yes do let me know, share your views in the comment box below and please don't forget to like and share the article.

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