Saturday, February 18, 2012

5 Hair Styles Women, That Men Like

Female beauty who attract men may be caused in many ways, a pretty face, style of clothing, certain hair styles can even be the main attraction for men. Greatly affect the model's hair every female appearance, this is because women like flipping her hair style.
In fact, according to a study in the United States, as much as 74% of men from the women pay close attention to style her hair. Well, here are some hairstyles that most men like women, what women's hair styles that men like?

Wavy Hair Style
Wavy Hair
Hair with large waves to look messy! The men love this hairstyle because it gives the impression of the sexy and sensual woman. Apply the foam and then blow dry your hair and use hair roll of medium or large.
How easy, you can tie your hair after shampooing before bed at night and let stand until morning. Once opened, use enough hairspray and comb your hair with your hands to make it look more natural.

Hairstyles Silky Straight Hair
Silky Straight Hair
Straight hair is long and lustrous. This hairstyle is the model most favored men from time to time. They love this hairstyle because it depicts women as being a feminine, elegant, healthy and intelligent care of themselves.
Blow vise is the easiest way to get this hairstyle. This hair style will look more stylish with layers and bangs short game. Guaranteed, your partner will not stand for not playing their fingers in your hair.

pixie cut hairstyles
Pixie Cut
You do not think men are only interested in women who have long hair. Super short haircut like Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham and Carrie Mulligan turned out to be an attraction itself as trendy selainterlihat, men can see women with this hair style as being a strong and confident.

High Ponytail hair 
High Ponytail
Hair styles this one highlight the innocent and cute of you. This hair style is also reminiscent of the men in a group of gorgeous cheerleaders in movies or in the school.
To try to make it, gently pull the hair back, and then tied. You can give slightly different touch by wrapping some hair bonding or hair on the bottom of your hair curl.