Sunday, February 5, 2012

Prepare Magic Hair Serum At Home {Stop Hair Fall in 30 days}

Have you ever wondered how home remedies work on reducing hairfall? What are the things you have used so far? It may be lime juice, curd or any herbal hair packs but you wouldn't even have guessed about using pomegranates in stopping hair fall. Isn't it? Even I didn't know before. Just before few weeks, heard this trick from a beautician and tried this. Pomegranate has some qualities which tightens the hair pores hence the roots get covered tight with skin, gets stronger and hence the hair becomes less prone to hair fall. Let me share some recipes of hair serums to control hair fall in 30 days, depending on your hair type. Please remember, if your hair loss is due to vitamin deficiency this might not work well, taking biotin and folic acid supplements along with this remedy will help you a lot.

Pomegranate Hairfall Control Hair Serum at Home
Now comes the recipe. It's very simple. After eating the pomegranate, cut the peels into small pieces. Boil some water with this peel in a bowl and heat it till you get a thick concentrate. Switch off the stove and allow it to cool down. That's it, the hair serum is ready, if you have oily scalp you can add a teaspoon of yogurt to the serum, for dry scalps mix mashed avacado. You can also use this serum without any mixing.

How to use
Before washing your hair, water spray hair to make it wet. Now, with the help of brush and comb, apply the serum all over your scalp. Cover your head with a shower cap and allow the serum to work for at least 40 minutes, one hour would be better though. Now wash your hair with a mild shampoo and a nourishing conditioner. Do this atleast twice to thrice a week, to stop excess hair loss completely in 30 days.

Healthy and strong hair never gets hair breakage or fall outs hence it grows longer and shinier :) Use this serum and let me know out your results. I am using it and it's giving out really excellent results.