Wednesday, February 29, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: Inglot Eye Shadow DS 72

First My Weight Loss Program Update
Peopleeeeeeeee as you all know I have put on a lot weight in the past few months. I used to fluctuate between 48-50 Kgs before getting married, I gained weight during wedding preps (yes i was very happy) and became 52 Kgs and after that my weight has been consistently increasing. When I weighed myself 2 weeks back I was 59 Kgs! Can you even imagine that? So then knowing my body's ridiculous tendency to put on weight and also shed weight with equal ease, I started on my patent diet plan and exercise regimen, I now proudly stand at 54.5 Kgs after 14 days! :) My target you ask... It is 50 Kgs :) In order to keep me motivated I shall be giving you updates of my weight in each post. I know I know many of you wont be interested but then you can just skip this part na ;) Also, if anyone is interested I can share my diet plan and exercise regimen with them :) *high hopes* :P

As you all know I shopped a lot of Inglot in my recent trip to Mumbai. I had earlier used Inglot's lippies and cream liners but this was the first time I was purchasing their eye shadows and so this review is a bit special as I am reviewing my first Inglot eye shadow :) The shadow to be reviewed today is DS72, where DS stands for "Double Shine" and is a gorgeous "plummy" Purple with a sprinkle of silver shimmer in it. The shimmer does look chunky in the pan but there is negligible fall out and the shimmer is almost invisible when seen on the eye. Thus you see a matte shadow on the eye and not a DS! This is one major reason I love this shadow :)

Pigmentation wise, this shade fares so-so maybe because I am comparing them to my "awesomely" pigmented Sleek shadows. However, this Inglot shadow shows up beautifully on a primer and since I never do eye makeup without a primer so I am not complaining. But if you are the types who skip on the eye shadow base then you may not find it pigmented enough though this shadow is pretty build-able! :P

For how long do they stay? Well I am wearing this for over 3 hours now and it is still intact so I am guessing that it has some good staying power and does not crease easily :)

Image of the Product



Giving you guys a "front" pic to prove I ahev lost weight ;)
Oooohhss And Aaahhhsss!!
1. Gorgeous Purple Color
2. Shows up well over a primer
3. Blends easily
4. Negligible fallout
5. Very pocket friendly
6. Stays on for a fair amount of time on the eyes.
7. The silver sparkle present in the shadow does not irritate the eyes like Revlon's Plum Galaxy does!

1. It is not super pigmented though on a primer it shows up well.
2. If you are not the kinds who purchase cosmetics online, then availability could be an issue for you.

It costs Rs. 300/- for a refill pan.

With all its pros, if I ask more then I must say I would be very demanding! :P And I am not demanding! I am soo gonna purchase this again if it gets over :)

Would I Recommend?
Totally! Its a gorgeous shade, reasonable and doesn't crease easily.

Overall Rating

About the Look:
I am starting this new section in every REVIEW & LOTD post where I breakdown the look make-up wise. If you guys like then let me know as I shall do a video tute of it :) Heer yes I remember you've asked me to do a video tute on my skincare regimen :) I am just thinking of a way of doing it without looking pretentious ;) heheheheeh...

For this look,
1. Inglot DS72 on the lid
2. Inglot M348 in the crease and blended
3. Colorbar Black Tie in the crease for depth
4. MUFE Star Powder as highlighter
5. Illamasqua Morale Blush
6. MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in shade 34