Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Self Confidence Can Relieve Stress

Do you ever experienced stress due to work load, heavy duty college or pressure from the environment?. Though stress does not affect better for yourself or your environment, of course you have know and want to relieve stress. One way out of stress is to foster a sense of self confidence. Self-confidence is very influential on a person's of psychologyand behavior. One of the things that can relieve the stress is self-confident

Dr Stephen Morgan, Associate Professor Nottingham University, it was confirmed, one should dare to take risks that ultimately led to self-confidence. Yes, do not dare to do something because it believes in pessimism is a sign of lack of self.
A word to the wise "Nothing is more helpful in fostering self-confidence as to push yourself outside your comfort zone" maksutnya is trying to do something risky challenge that makes you act from the comfort of not doing anything. Besides hanging out with people who have high self-confidence and positive thinking, environmental factors will provide a great influence on a person.
This action also serves to reduce the fear of things that had never been done before. Thus will arise a sense of great confidence.

"If we continue to associate with people who have low self-esteem, complainers, and pessimistic, then no matter how much confidence we have, slowly but surely going to fade and follow the trail of our environment"

Conversely, if we are surrounded by people full of joy and confidence, it will create a positive atmosphere also brings benefits for ourselves and productivity.

Believe in yourself the ability, because God created you bestow sense of self. Be bold, confident and responsible is the attitude that stress away