Friday, March 16, 2012

My Chatter: When Best Friends Get Together...

When best friends get together after a long time and there is alcohol, loud music and gifts for each other, there is bound to be gossip, a late night and of course a lot of attention from around ;) That's exactly what happened when Karishma, my friend from College came from the US on a short break and she, Prajakta (my another best friend from college), and I met up yesterday at Kiva Lounge for some drinks and dinner :) We gossiped, giggled, squealed and did almost everything that attracted attention ;) (unintentional I promise) and well got offered to be bought drinks a number of times :D We declined of course, Ha! but what fun :P We finally left for home near midnight and needless to say I was totally not willing to come to office today :P

Karishma got us this gift set from Bath and Body Works (I just love when my best friends go to the US cause they always get me BBW products :P), which has this calming and relaxing Body lotion, shower gel and mint lip balm cum gloss :) Yay yay!

I got both of them Bitter Orange Facial Mists from fabIndia but I forgot to take piccies of it :( But anyways, you all know what to expect in the upcoming reviews ;)

Sharing a few pics of us together :D

Prajakta, I, Karishma

Me going for Kahaani tonight with Prajakta (again) and another best friend Manu :) Yes! I have 4 best friends so sue me! :P