Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil Review

Hair oil plays an important role in hair care, that too in this hard drying winter. Hence I wanted to try a good nourishing hair oil to strengthen my hair and prevent from this winter moisture loss and hence picked up this one when I went for shopping last month. I personally don't like the pure coconut oil smell :P and also afraid of trying artificially flavored ones so I opted for this ayurvedic one. Parachute is a well known famous brand, so I selected the Parachute Ayurvedic Hair oil to stop my winter hair breakage. In this post I am going to share my experience with this hair oil for past 4 weeks along with it's pros and cons.

Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hair Oil 
(Controls Hair Fall and Grows Hair Longer)
Price           : Rs. 40 for 95ml
Shelf Life   : 3 years

What does the Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hair Oil Claims
This is what written on the top wrapper:
  • Based on clinical study 97% in average hair fall scores.
  • Basis hair growth with everyday application of coconut-based hair oils vs unoiled hair.
  • The oil nourishes the hair roots, scalp effectively and controls hair fall. So that you can enjoy long thick and beautiful hair.
  • The usage of this hair oil also promotes hair growth, prevents pre-mature greying and controls dandruff. So that your hair stays healthy.
The below things are written on the pamphlet inside the pack with usage instructions:
(These things are written in more than 5 Indian languages :) so that people could easily understand the claims and usage instructions of this oil in their own language )

How this Oil works on Hair fall control and Hair Growth
  • This oil effectively controls hair fall and rejuvenates your scalp.
  • The natural herbs in the oil balance the aggravating doshas and render good natural growth of your hair.
  • It also reduces pre-mature graying, dryness and dandruff problems.
Usage Instructions:
1. Massage the oil on your scalp and hair. Leave overnight.
2. Use regularly instead of current using hair oil.

Some more points about this product
(Actually this was in a frequently asked question and answer type which is written on the pamphlet, but I don't want to bore you all :P I will just list out the important points of what they say about their hair oil)
  1. This oil has been tested by the International Academy of Ayurved. This oil also received the stamp of approval, guaranteeing hair fall control from this academy.
  2. Many of the users see results within 4 weeks of usage. The time taken may vary with severity of the hair fall and age of the person.
  3. Everyone in your family can use this regularly.
Consistency and Colour of this Hair Oil

The consistency seems like a normal coconut oil with little brownish shade. Isn't it? I felt the same but the oil contains tiny herbal particles which settles down and make it look brownish when seen opening the cap. So I felt that the whole oil will be really dark while buying this.. Thank god. It is not at all much dark or thick
Little Note: (As this cap is open/close type, no need to throw the bottle after the oil gets over. :) It's a good plastic bottle which is reusable)
Take a look below..

The flip type cap makes the oil easier to use and travel friendly :D 

The Pamphlet (Which comes inside the wrapper)

My View About Parachute Advanced Ayurvedic Hair Oil
Hope the above pictures explained about the package and consistency. That's okay I'll tell you once again. The pack comes in a plastic bottle (same as the normal coconut oil of parachute) which is blue and orange mixed in colour, I loved it. To say about the consistency, it's a bit thicker than the plain coconut oil, just a bit, but I am sure not too thick at all. 
         I personally the hate plain coconut oil smell :P hate it to core! But this doesn't smell much like the plain coconut oil as it contains other herbs. My mild herbal smell overcame the yucky coconut one :) Even though I didn't fell in love with its fragrance, it doesn't irritate me at all, I felt pretty good. I usually never use oils at day time, so I use this one every night and wash off in the next day morning. To say the truth, it reduced hair fall like a miracle, yes it does. I don't know whether it suited me well or suit everyone but this winter, it cured my dry scalp controlled hair fall and stopped hair breakage. It also removed split ends and dryness up to an extent and my hair feels smoother than before now. It eliminated dandruff too! Parachute Ayurvedic Hair Oil lives up to its claims.

  1. Very affordable and worth buying.
  2. Comes in a tight flip cap, thus it becomes travel friendly too.
  3. The quantity is great for just 40 Rs :P
  4. Reduced my dandruff and dryness in the scalp within one week of daily night usage.
  5. The nourishing effect also controls hair breakage and hair fall like a magic.
  6. A gift for dry scalps in all the seasons.
  7. Easily available everywhere because it's parachute :)

  1. I feel that it surely wouldn't suit me for day time usage as it makes my hair look much oilier and heavy (Most of the hair oils does it, so it's not a huge con at all)
  2. I am okay with the smell, but some sensitive noses may not like it.
  3. Bit harder to wash away with shampoo when compared to the plain coconut oils. It doesn't washes off much easily.
Do you want me to list out more cons for this price and quality? :D I don't get anything else as a con. It's a good product overall!
My Rating : 4.5/5 (-0.5 for the sticky feel in oily scalps)
My Recommendation : Go ahead! Give a try. You will love it :) Worth buying.
Will I Shop this Again? : A big yes! :D