Friday, April 20, 2012

ASOS Haul: The Weaved Play Suit

This will be last in my series of ASOS mid-season sale purchase posts! And this is probably one of my favourite pieces I was able to pick up. Believe it or not this is actually the first play suit/romper I've ever worn but I'm totally converted! They are so comfortable and easy to slip on, you don't even have to think about what else to wear! 

I wore a white camisole underneath in these photos as I forgot to take a black one with me to shoot this video! I reality I would actually wear a black one with a little lace trim along the top. I also paired it with some opaque black tights here but as Summer is on the way, I would switch those out and just have bare legs (post fake tan!). I also wore some lovely gold accessories from River Island and Accessorize. I am in love with gold and black together! They seem to compliment each other so well. 

Here's a little bonus photo of me sat with Millie! She jumped up on the bench when we were taking these photos, I think she was getting a bit jealous she wasn't having any taken ;) how cute does she look with her little pink bow on! Can I get an "awwww!"

That's all for this post, I really hope you enjoyed reading. Please let me know what you think to my fashion posts as these have been fun to do! Also, if you haven't seen the video featuring all these items mentioned, I will leave a link below so you can have a watch :) Thank you!