Saturday, April 7, 2012

Benefits and Badness of Coffee drinking

There is an assumption that drinking coffee is a bad habit. Actually coffee can be consumed by anyone with the appropriate amount, not excessive. In certain circumstances, the habit of drinking coffee should be reduced. In pregnant women, for example, they should avoid caffeine because it can cause complications in the fetus.
In general, many who like to drinking coffee, of men and women. Some studies revealed that coffee consumption has a therapeutic benefit provided just the right amount. For coffee lovers know better what the benefits and badness of coffee drinking

Benefits of Coffee
* According to one study, consuming the equivalent of two cups of coffee an hour before exercise can also help reduce the risk of muscle soreness for up to 48 percent. Before exercise, the coffee will stimulate energy production and fat burning.

* Caffeine is doing is making the inhibition of glutamate in your brain, so it keeps you alert and ready to move.

* Research has shown that both intact and coffee beans have a remarkable ability to protect the brain. Evidence shows that Latin American societies are drinking coffee from coffee beans whole ground has a small risk of getting Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

* Coffee increases your metabolism by 20 percent, according to research. It could even trigger the mechanism of muscle tissue rejuvenation.

* Tea, coffee, and chocolate is a natural source of caffeine. All three have benefits and provide lots of nutrients and antioxidants.

badness of coffee
* Most of the coffee produced was contaminated with pesticides. For security, you can buy pesticide-free organic coffee.

* Coffee is a powerful substance, and can affect the adrenal glands. If you experience a decrease in adrenal function, you should be careful to drink coffee.

* Caffeine is not an isolated health benefits of coffee beans and can be toxic.

* Drying and roasting coffee beans have a negative impact on health. You can detect by smell the aroma of quality coffee. Coffee that does not have a good aroma may be stale and useless if it is consumed.

Drinking black coffee, no sugar should be. An addition of sugar will not provide the benefits it will cause insulin resistance.

* Coffee is an acid-forming substances in your body. Excessive acidification of the body can cause masalaha on muscle and bone, and increases the risk of degenerative diseases. So, if you drink coffee, make sure your intake of raw fruits and vegetables high to counter the acidity of coffee.

* Drinking coffee after exercise is wrong.

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