Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to make your nails beautiful?

Beautiful nails - is, first of all, healthy nail.So, if you stick to the natural beauty without the use of artificial nails give way to an external appeal, then you should take care of their nutrition and proper care.
Healthy nails should be sturdy, flexible and pink in color, sometimes problems with the nails show about the problems with health.
Some problems may be linked to external factors, such as the environment or the particular work, but overall condition of nails and their structure is determined by heredity.

Most problems with the nails come with untidy skin when a girl or a woman completely forgets about gloves when working with chemicals, about hydration and nutrition ...
Homo from all this, too, fall to, and he just disappears desire to live, so he refuses to grow up and starts to flake.
Therefore, to thoroughly enjoy a start caring for your hands and the skin around the nails.
For this one once a week, use the scrub or peeling of hands, every day - hand cream that contains no toxic or harmful formaldehyde and toluene.
So hand care in general will be the first step towards a beautiful and healthy nails.
Well, these tips apply directly to the nails. They are easy and accessible for every woman.

Wear gloves This is required when performing any household work related to water and chemicals. At first, this rubber "coating" on the hands should be, of course, to get used to, but your hands will be protected.
Cuticle Oil Need to use oil every day, because it contributes to strengthen nails and nail plate. To do this, one drop of oil Rub Massage lightly into nails and cuticles. If the problem explicit, then as a treat and use it morning and evening.
Baths At least once a week to do a bath for hands and nails, as they help to strengthen nails. In warm water, add the essential oils, sea salt, chamomile or nettle broth, and then immerse it in the hands for 20 minutes. After the procedure, and apply a dab of cream.
Do not cut nails with scissors For this purpose there are special laser and glass nail files. These scales are glued nails, and seal edges, preventing the nail split.

Softens the cuticle Do not do manicures, "dry". Be sure to soften cuticles means for removing and softening.
Before applying the varnishDo not forget to put a layer framework that protects the nails from the influence of acetone.
Paraffin baths The result is evident from them immediately and lasts about a week.
Eat a balanced The diet should be present foods that contain calcium, phosphorus, and iodine. Take your vitamins.
Follow these simple tips and then your hands will never be given not only your true age, but your constant concern for women.