Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maintain the Men Appearance, Looking Fresh and Neat

Men should not underestimate her appearance, because it was not for women only. Men look more attractive with a clean appearance and maintained, both in state jobs, romance or relationships.
As our men do not need to be ashamed of taking care of themselves, afraid to be metrosexual. With a masculine appearance, plus a clean and neat your appeal to be more. Believe me, your appeal will wear off if it looks oily hair or body odor wafted from your clothes are expensive.  Anything that must be addressed, maintain the men appearance, looking fresh and neat.

- Facial skin
Most men wear the same soap used to clean his body. Although not as smooth as the skin of his face the face of women's men also need a special soap washing the face.
Do not use too hot water to wash his face, but choose cold water. Use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen, especially if you do lots of outdoor activities.

- Health eyes
You know, the eye is first glimpsed the body of a man women. Of course you can not change the shape of the eyes, but his performance could be maintained.
To prevent swelling of the eye, do light exercise to keep blood circulating smoothly. Close your eyes and count to 5 and then open immediately. Do this 5 times in a row.

- Combat bad breath
No one knows when the bad breath will come. Maintain good oral hygiene, by brushing your teeth and tongue regularly is one way to prevent it. Bad breath can be caused by a broken tooth, so a visit to the dentist is a good idea.

- Combat body odor
Similar to bad breath, body odor is a disaster for the appearance. Use after a shower and wear deodorant perfume to fragrant scent.

- Tidying up beard
The tool is a good beard trimmer with three knives and a good brush and brush and use a good shaving cream. One thing you should remember when shaving, which is patience. Some men often shaved off after rubbing shaving cream. For best results, leave the shaving cream for 2 to 3 minutes, and then you shave that beard hair softer.

- Dental treatment
Has a row of white teeth and manicured certainly make the owner's hard not to smile. Having white teeth is actually not a difficult task. Clean tartar once every 6 months to remove plaque and reduce bacteria in the mouth. Avoid smoking or drinking coffee and tea because it can leave stains on teeth.

- Treatment of the feet and hands
Finger and nail care is not just women's rights. Nail hygiene is part of the overall cleanliness of the body. Take the time to cut the nails of the fingers. Make sure you change socks daily to prevent moisture and mold.

- A healthy diet
Above all, eat a healthy diet and regular exercise. It will make you feel better and have more energy. As with men, women also like men with good posture.

It should be, a man diligent in taking care of appearance, is also a big influence on your career and your family. Who are the people who do not like the state of the body that is clean and neat.

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