Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Cher Lloyd Makeup Tutorial!?

I get so many comments on my YouTube channel on a daily basis saying that I look like Cher Lloyd so I thought it was about time I filmed another makeup look on her! I personally can't see much of a resemblance between us but I've been bombarded with comments and requests so I thought it was an appropriate time to approach the matter! 

I have been doing a little research on her makeup and she seems to wear the following 4 looks the most frequently when attending events and the such! Therefore, I think we need to hold a little poll! Just comment below on the number of the look (shown in the top let corner) you would like to see me recreate and the one with the most votes will be filmed very shortly!

I really can't wait to film this video for you as all her looks are so fun and definitely ones I would personally wear! She really plays up both her eyes and lips which makes all of her makeup looks super striking! If there is a tie and two or more of the looks get equal votes, you may see a few tutorials on the horizon, but for now, lets just stick with the one. So get voting girlies! Lets do Cher proud!