Thursday, May 17, 2012

MAC Lipstick in 'Ruby Woo' & An Attempt at The Pin-Up Girl Look

I have been itching to wear my Ruby Woo since the day I got it and well even though I haven't been getting an opportunity to wear anywhere outside, I just keep applying it on me at home... So it was natural that I would want to do a post about it. Now the thing with MAC Ruby Woo is that it is no ordinary Red lipstick. It is a cult Red Lipstick and in order to honor the "Retro Matte" part of it, I had to a special look... and well what better than an all American Pin-Up girl look ;)

Yeah yeah I am no model-shodel but then a girl can dream can't she? Especially in the confines of her own home? ;) Ha ha! So anyways without much ado, ladies and gentlemen I present you THE look :D

For those who keep asking me to post the "other" side of my face ;)

I have Asian eyes with an almost absent crease and hence I have done a "cut-crease" technique here in order give some depth to my eyes and give an illusion of a crease...

Products Used:
1. MAC Ricepaper on the inner half of the lid
2. MAC Cork on the outer half of the lid
3. MAC Carbon on the crease
4. MAC Folie on the crease to soften the black eye shadow.
5. MAC Honesty as a highlighter on the brow bone.

1. MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo

1. Colorbar Blush in Floral Fucsia
2. Lakme Highlighter

Now just a bit about Ruby Woo. It is not a "matte" lipstick but a "retro matte" lippy from MAC. Thus it is a tad bit more drying than the regular MAC matte lippies... Yup the lipstick itself is very dry and you do end up tugging your lips a bit... Which is why I like applying it with a lip bush :) It is dry to the point that there is 0 transfer. Yes I promise... 0 transfer! and no it does not highlight the fine lines on my lips and neither does it feel dry. Its the best matte lippy I have worn in a long time! and by far the best Red lippy ever.

If you are not scared of Red lipsticks then go and get it woman! :P

P.S. Don't you think my hair is shining and looking glossy all of a sudden? :) Secret! Will be revealed soon :)