Monday, May 21, 2012

Natural Way for White Teeth

How to keep teeth white, the actual method is not difficult. Provided that diligent care and cleaning your teeth the right way. You must be aware of the white and healthy teeth give a better appearance.
Smile with white teeth can give a major impact on the perception others have about the attractiveness, happiness, intelligence, and even your career status.

I was also worried if the teeth-colored dull and unhealthy. Of course everyone wants to have healthy teeth, no cavities. First try the natural way for white teeth Layliev Emanuel suggested, DDS, a dentist from the Dental NYC, New York, this.

1. Drink lots of water
Water is a natural way to get teeth white and clean. Does not mean you should not drink alcoholic beverages or other colored drinks. It's just the dye-containing beverages can make teeth look dull and dirty. The resulting red wine stains, for example, has been known to change the color of teeth. Meanwhile, a survey in Germany in 2009 found that white wine was also have high levels of acidity and erosive properties that make teeth more susceptible to stains. If you like drinking colored beverages, snacks should also drink water.

2. Mouthwash
Get used to using mouthwash to keep the teeth remain white, and fresh breath. That should keep in mind, choose a mouthwash that is free from colorings and has a white liquid. Mouthwash is blue, green, yellow, or others, if used too frequently can actually darken the color of teeth from time to time.

3. Consumption of food
Teeth white and clean not only be obtained from the treatment from the outside, but also from within, like food. Try to eat foods that are friendly to the teeth such as apples, cauliflower, carrots, until celery. Snacks are crunchy and fibrous, and the consumption of vegetables helps tooth to remove stains gently.

Let's get used to brushing teeth regularly, at least 2 times a day. Do not let the dull yellow colored tooth, you also need to know the cause cavities to avoid it.