Sunday, June 24, 2012

Benefits Health Insurance for Beautiful Life

Thinking health plans, as well as maintaining long-term health. Is insurance needs, we hesitate to menambil insurance. But we do not know our future state. We do not know, that his name human beings prone to diseases, worse that the cost of treatment would cost the family. So we were little discussed the benefits buying health insurance.

Health insurance is one type of insurance product that guarantees the availability of funds if the holders of health insurance have health problems. With health insurance, all kinds of health-related costs in the form of hospital costs, physician fees, drug costs, and operating costs will be covered even insurance companies.
Of course, all the existing terms and conditions set forth by the insurance company in the agreement, such as how much the cost will be paid the insurance of any kind of disease.

To get all these benefits, of course, we have to pay premiums on insurance companies that we cover. When we're in good health and we have to pay premiums on insurance companies, premiums as though - would the money spent in vain, but if one day we experience unexpected health problems whose treatment requires a large cost, the insurance coverage we will receive from the insurance company will much greater when compared with the value premium has been paid.

My opinion: Insurance is the happiness of life, why?
  1. We will get paid from insurance companies, it could be a total cost greater than premiums pay, unlike savings.
  2. But better that we do not get the funds, it means .. We are always healthy, safe and no disease.
  3. Means loss for money we pay, we think not ..! for money we paid automatically used to help others who are sick.
  4. That is,We aren't attacked by the disease, precisely it can help others,
  5. We believe that money for charitable good, God will replace the better.
So, it's our reason why insurance is for a more beautiful life.
                                                                                                                beautiful healthy lifestyle