Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exfoliate Your Skin the Right Way

Women around the world who are concerned about their beauty should be definitely following the process 'exfoliation' in their regular skincare routine. Our skin should be well cleansed, nourished and protected in order to maintain the suppleness but more than those, exfoliating skin is the first step to be done in order to remove those dead cells cells from the surface of the skin. Most of the women curse their foundation for not blending onto the skin properly but it's not your foundations mistake, it is actually caused by the lack of exfoliation. Yes! Just imagine, when your skin is filled with ugly dead cells, how could the creams and foundations smoothly blend? Even you can't get the most of your lipstick if your lips are not exfoliated in a right way. On the other hand, exfoliation of the skin shouldn't be done harshly as well as it would affect the delicate protective layer of your skin. Overall, exfoliation is the key to radiant beautiful skin; before you undergo any nourishing treatments or facials, exfoliating your skin is the important thing to do. Let us discuss some minute and useful facts and ideas on skin exfoliation to get the most of it.

Balancing the moisture loss during Exfoliation

Though exfoliation helps you get rid of excess dead skin cells and other impurities, it might strip off the natural oils from your skin as well. Not just the dead cells are getting lost, but the natural moisture of your skin too. What can we do to balance it, especially in already dry skin types? Well, a creamy nourishing exfoliating scrub with good exfoliating granules would do the trick. Go for fruit exfoliating scrubs which are cream based, but still effective in the terms of 'exfoliation'. You can also prepare your own face & body exfoliation scrub at home which balances the moisture loss during exfoliation

Homemade Exfoliating Recipe:

Get a cup of creamy yogurt and add two table spoons of ground oats to it. Make sure that the oats isn't ground  too fine, but 'coarsely' to perform the exfoliation part well. Now add few drops of olive or almond oil to this scrub mixture. Blend well and you're ready with your exfoliating scrub for your dry skin. Is your skin type oily? Then skip the oil and add some lime juice, this would help in peeling the dead skin cells with its citrus extracts.
     The yogurt soothes the skin while the oat granules exfoliates it to get rid of dead skin layer and other impurities. Olive or almond oil helps in retaining skin's natural moisture.[Use it only if you have dry skin because it tends to change oily skin even more oilier]

How often to Exfoliate?

Once in a week is better and twice a week is best [But remember, not too harsh] Use a mild, as well as an effective exfoliating scrub on your face and body to scrub away those dead skin cells. Concentrate more on the rough parts of the body such as the knees, ankles, feet, heels and dark inner thighs. Be delicate to your face and other sensitive parts. Have a warm shower before exfoliation and soon after the exfoliation is done, give yourself a splash of cold water. This process helps in closing the opened skin pores due to the process of exfoliation.

Post Exfoliation Skin Care Ideas

  • Moisturize your facial skin with a rich moisturizer and body skin with your body lotion soon after you're done with your exfoliation process. This ensures the softness and moisture of your skin. Oily skin types would also need a moisturizer after exfoliation, make it 'light' or 'water based' and you're all done.

  • Skin would be delicate and prone to damage by sunlight after exfoliation hence never ever skip your sunscreen after exfoliating your skin. You have just got out your new fresh skin with exfoliation but why should allow the angry sun to damage it? Think!

  • If you're a regular user of  cooling facial gels, get some and refrigerate it for 15 minutes. Apply the cold gel on your facial skin after you are done with your exfoliation process as this would help preventing open pores soothing the skin. You can use fresh Aloe Vera get either for this.

Enjoyed reading the post? Hope you find it useful. Do share your views and ideas on exfoliation below in the comment section. We are waiting to hear. In case of doubts, don't hesitate to submit, we are here to answer! Have a great exfoliating weekend! Exfoliate your skin the right way and achieve that clear radiant glow.