Thursday, June 21, 2012

In The Spotlight: Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm

I am here with another cult favorite product of mine which is "In the Spotlight" today... Nope it isn't a fancy product like the MUFE Star Powder I talked about in my previous "Spotlight" post, rather it is the very unassuming and very easily available Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm... Now Nivea as we all know comes out with these various flavored lip balms but here in this post I am talking about only the fruity shine ones and that too the Guava flavor, which they previously sold as "Dragonfruit Flavor" :P The Nivea Mint Lip Balms are yum too but I find them kind of drying and they tend to get over very soon :( But not this one! Ladies this one sure is a keeper :)

What I really like about these balm sticks are that they are very light on the lips and yet give a sudden surge of moisture to my lips so much so that they feel soft, supple and yup even plumped up! They do not tend to become dry in the tube like my FabIndia and even TBS lip balms do in their jars.

Apart from being moisturising they give a healthy pinkish gloss to my lips so much so that people often come up to me to ask what gloss I have applied! He he he.. I find it perfect for travelling since I try to keep my makeup to a minimum during long flights and bus journeys. I find them perfect for when I hit the gym and I find them perfect over a matte lippy for that subtle sheen :) It truly is a must have product :)

It costs INR 129/-

Would I Recommend:
Yes! I recommend it to everyone! It is easily available and is super affordable. Why don't you just run out to your nearest grocery store and get yourself a tube? :)