Wednesday, June 6, 2012

REVIEW: Ponds White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Day Cream with SPF 20

Nope! I am not trying to get fair ;) I like my complexion the way it is, if I could I would have tried to become more "Orange" in pati's words. If you are wondering what Orange is then pati calls complexions of actresses like Eva Mendez, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Rihanna as Orange and well that is my favorite skin tone... Ha ha... You have got to hear pati and I talking... We have our own "language" for everything and we refer to things in our own code language LOL... It's like when we were in school and all the girls used to use the "P" language...

Ok so how many of you know about the "P" language? I have changed 13 schools in my life and I have come to realise that the much coveted "P" language was used only in convent schools... Yup! I swear it was like that :D I think I am digressing... Coming back to my quest to not become fair...

Now you all will say that I am contradicting myself when I say that I don't want to become fair but I am still reviewing a whitening/lightening cream! Ha ha.. I actually received it from a PR and well I felt obligated to use it and hence review it :)

I am essentially a Ponds Face Wash girl! I love and I mean seriously love their face washes! I have tried other brands but I keep coming back to the Pond's ones... In creams I have only used the Ponds Body Lotion that used to come when we were like really young and were in school. I really used to like it especially cause of it's fragrance and oily-ness :) Yup I am a sucker for oily body lotions and creams :) Then I grew up and tried their Tinted Moisturiser and well I hated it! I know I know its a cult favorite amongst most beauty bloggers but I found it very drying...

Then they sent me this cream...

Well let me tell you it does what it says but it is so drying that I will advise all dry skin beauties to stay away from it... It would be perfect for Oily skinned ladies and Normal skin beauties could also make it work for them! But if you have dry skin then beware you will not like it for sure!
Another con of this product is that it tends to create a whitish cast on your face. While applying the cream you need to take small amounts and actually blend it in your skin like a foundation :(

Now the good thing about this cream is that it visibly lightens your imperfections and seriously evens out your skin tone! I was using it for almost a week when I went to Mumbai to visit my parents... I took a Volvo at 8:30 pm from Pune, reached Mumbai at 12:30 midnight... With my motion sickness issues, no makeup, disheveled hair I looked like a mess but the moment the driver took my bags and I entered the vehicle my mom gushed "Zum you look so flawless!". Yup I swear those were her words... My first reaction was that the Ponds people called up my mom and told her I am using this product, then when saneness came to me I realised that the Ponds people don't have my parent's number, they just have my address :P LOL! But yes then I started observing my skin more closely and realised that my skin was evening out and I did have a brightness to my face. No, not glow but brightness. Remember, a glow comes only when your skin is adequately hydrated!

I still sometimes use this cream in the morning before office but only when I have applied Olive Oil the night before. I don't want my skin drying out just because I want it to be "flawless" :P Now that sounded quite contradictory really!

Overall Rating:
Oily Skin: 9/10
Normal Skin: 8/10
Dry Skin: 6/10 

Product sent by PR for review. My Review has not been affected by anyone and is honest and true. Pinky Promise ;)