Saturday, July 21, 2012

DIY Milk Foot Spa at Home

Guest Post by Iswarya
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We are all on our feet all day and by the end of the day it becomes exhausted. Boost your spirits and relax with a simple foot spa and your feet will thank you. Here is a tutorial on how to do a foot spa at home without spending big bucks. I will be giving you the foot soak recipe, steps and how to do a foot massage. Keep Reading!

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Things you will need:

  •     Milk -1 cup
  •     Hydrogen peroxide- 2 caps
  •     Olive oil- 3 tbsp.
  •     Essential oil like lavender or rosemary- 1 tbsp.
  •     Honey – 1 tbsp.
  •     Baking soda-2 tbsp.
  •     Epsom salt- 1 cup
  •     Lemon juice- 4-5 drops
  •     Liquid soap/shampoo


  •     Fill a tub with Luke warm water and add all the ingredients mentioned in the foot soak recipe.
  •     Slice a lemon into half and put it into the tub
  •     Add rose petals to it and a few fresh mint leaves if available
  •     Add a few pebbles to the bottom of the tub ( I took some marble stones from the river and painted it)
  •     Now dip your feet into the tub. Soak for 15-30minutes. If you are doing it regularly 15 min is enough.
  •     Cleanse your feet with rose water and Glycerin.
  •     Take a pumice stone or a foot file and work on the rough skin
  •     Use a scrub. Sugar and olive oil will work good
  •     Rinse the feet with cold water
  •     Trim and shape your nails
  •     Give a nice massage to the feet. You can use a massager too
  •     Remove any old nail polish and paint your toes
  •     Apply moisturizing foot cream
  •     Wear socks or flip flops

Massaging your feet:

Take any massaging cream or oil and rub it in your both palms. Apply to your feet with both hands. Work to and fro with light strokes in the direction of toes. Gently pull your fingers. Rotate clock wise and anti-clock wise. Push thumbs to and fro in the sole. Apply sight pressure to the heels and ankles with a firm motion. You can use a massager as wekk. You can use a marble pebble and using it do circular motions in feet. You are done! Soft, silky feet are all yours!

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