Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Factors that Lead to Osteoporosis at a Young Age

Beware of osteoporosis is often labeled as a disease of the elderly, does not mean that the younger can not be affected by this disease. Factors that lead to osteoporosis at a young age. For example, if a person's level of estrogen hormone in young women is not enough, physically inactive, and the consumption of certain drugs that can affect bone metabolism that decreased bone mass.

If the amount of calcium in a person's body is reduced, the body secretes hormones that will take calcium from other parts of the body, including those in the bone. Therefore, the body should be assisted by a high intake of foods that contain calcium.

Calcium intake every day when they should be as much as 1000 mg of calcium per day should consume as much as 1000 mg of calcium. To meet these needs, milk and fish is the right choice of food sources.

Risk of consumption of certain drugs that can affect bone density. Such, drugs that contain steroids, which are generally given for asthma. These drugs can be used as long as there are clear medical indications and monitored by a physician.