Monday, August 27, 2012

Reader Appreciation: Thank you for cheering me up :)

You all know that I have been MIA since a fortnight now and even though I did tell you all that I shall be resuming to write again but I haven't been able to keep my promise to you all... I apologize... It's just that I have been going through a rough patch right now... But I received an email yesterday from one of ISLM's readers and well it really helped me to bounce back :) Thank you Sree :)

Here are her words of appreciation...

Hi Samyukta,
This is Sree from Chennai.
I am basically born and bougt up in the suburbs of Mumbai.Came in to Chennai like a couple of years before a project Change(Yeah,Software Engineer !!) and got married and settled in Chennai.We just celebrated our anniversary this June . ***Blushes****
I came across your blog like a couple of months before and I instantly fell in love with it.
Your style of blogging is just so impressive and makes me just get glued to it.To be frank,after reading your blog,I don't find any other blog this interesting. :) :)
No comments,no criticism,just mailed to say -Thank You.
I am quite finicky about my hair as my hair is super damaged and weak,I read your article on the Body shop Banana shampoo and conditioner, somehow I had immense trust on your reviews,went in the same day and got them.And I have no regrets!!!!!!It could the TBS who made this lovely product.But it is your article that made me buy this one!
Keep writing,I am sure sure I am one among the many who value your reviews before buying any beauty product.
Best Wishes
Thank you for your kind words Sree and congratulations on completing one year of your marriage in June :)