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Can You Use Body Lotion On Your Face?

  • Can You Use Body Lotion On Your Face?
  • Body Lotion On Face - Would It Cause Any Side Effects?
  • Why Don't We Use Body Lotions on Face?
  • Extra Dry Facial Skin - Would Body Lotions Help?

We are frequently receiving these kinda query from our readers and the answer is simply NO! We are now going to discuss why one shouldn't use their body lotion on face and what ill effects it would cause. So if you have any idea of using your body moisturizer to moisturize your facial skin, then kill it. It is not that every body lotion would react bad on your facial skin; some might work well in fluke too but why should risk? Read below and know more on this.

Difference Between Facial Skin and Body Skin

Cell Turnover Rate of Skin:
Skin dryness and less environmental exposure (When compared to facial skin) causes slow skin turnover rate in body skin. Due to this, the natural exfoliation process slows down in body skin and thus it stays rougher and scalier than your facial skin. On the other hand, due to the sebaceous glands and excess sun exposure, the natural exfoliation process takes place faster and more frequently in your face skin when compared to the body skin. This makes your facial skin naturally more sensitive than your body skin.

Skin Thickness:
Our facial skin is usually 0.20mm thick whereas the body skin is 0.60mm thick. From this, obviously we can say that our facial skin is more sensitive when compared to our body skin.

Is It Okay to Use Body Lotion on Facial Skin?

As already said, the answer is No. Because of the differences in skin nature and thickness, usage of body lotion on more thin and more delicate facial skin is not that advisable. Body skin is usually drier than the facial skin and thus body lotions are specially formulated with heavy moisturizing ingredients that would lead to clogging of pores on the facial skin.

Is Body Lotion on Face Okay In case of Extremely Dry Skin?

Even though your body lotion is light in texture and your skin is extra dry, you shouldn't use it on your facial skin as some of the ingredients present in it might be allergic to your face. Not at first, you may also face facial breakouts and such with regular body lotion usage on face.
   Have you ever noticed something on your body lotion? Most of the body lotions are more scented and coloured when compared to the light facial lotions and moisturizers. Don't you think that those artificial fragrances and colours would affect your super delicate and sensitive facial skin?
       So it is better to avoid body moisturizers on your face anytime. Whatever skin type yours may be and however gentle those body lotions may be, do NOT use it on your facial skin without consulting with your dermatologist (There is very less chance that any dermatologist would recommend a body moisturizer for face)

Side Effects of Using Body Moisturizers on Face

So, Summing up the all the above factors, here is the list of facial skin problems you might experience if you use your body moisturizer on your face, instantly or may be with regular usage.
  • Acne breakouts
  • Clogging of pores
  • Redness
  • Itchy skin
  • Excess oil secretion
  • Greasy skin
  • Other allergies

Facial Moisturizer On Body - Is that Okay?

This is completely alright and this wouldn't surely give you any side effect because of the gentleness of the facial lotions. Hence, in case you run out of your regular body lotion, you can pour some facial lotion on your palm and smooth it over you body skin to provide it required moisturization. You can do this without any fear however you may need to reapply the facial lotion in short intervals to prevent dryness on your body skin!

P.S: For some, your body lotions may perfectly suit as your facial moisturizer but before continuing this, consult with your dermatologist once to ensure that it wouldn't cause any side effects or skin allergies in future.

Hope you find this article helpful. Have you ever used your body lotion on face? 
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