Sunday, September 30, 2012

MABH Reader Query: Haircut Ideas for Long Hair

Gayathri asks..

Hey Lancy,
Its such a pleasure to finally find a beauty blog run by Chennai-vaasi  :) I am 26 yrs and a married office goer with a kid. Typical to all south-ies, I have long hair (between hips and tailbone). I hardly leave my hair open as it gets very tangle-y and in Chennai's climate I feel extremely sweaty and hot. And, I am tired of plaiting my hair every single day.

I have never cut my hair before.  Can you suggest some hair cut ideas for a Traditional south Indian gal? I was thinking of going for side swept bangs and a deep U cut. What do you suggest? Can you direct me to a parlour for the same?

Makeup and Beauty Home's Reply:

Hair Cut Ideas for Long South Indian Hair:
Hey Gayathri :) Welcome to Makeup and Beauty Home.
It's great to know that you are a Chennai girl too. For long, South Indian hair, deep U haircut would suit perfectly as you prefer but you haven't mentioned your hair type here so I cannot suggest you anything blindly. Layered cuts would also be very fine if you have long hair; as long hairs of lots of choices when it comes to styling. You won't be losing much length if you get a layered hair cut done but make sure that you do not have curly hair if you wanna layer cut it. Layers make the curls more visible and prominent. In case if you have a straight or wavy hair type, go for deep U as you preferred and this would make you more comfortable with free hair styles unlike the feel you get with plain, even cut hair. Make sure to get it done in a good parlour. Side Swept bangs would flatter if done on women who have wide forehead; hence make sure that you do not have a narrow forehead if you are planning to get bangs. I myself have a wide forehand and yes, I have my bangs now :)
     And about the Hair Salons in Chennai, you can try Naturals Salons and Spa. I have read heard and read good reviews about them. If not, you can discuss with your friends/cousins to find a well experienced hair specialist in your place.
        Overall I have a little suggestion from my side 'Consider not to shorten your hair much :) We, South Indian girls are blessed with beautiful, long black hair but why should we always find it hard maintain? I have experienced many good and bad haircuts in my life made by my beauticians and finally, before 2 months I made a resolution not to cut my hair anytime thereafter. In case If I hadn't cut my hair for 3 two years, I would have been with knee thigh hair now. So think twice before getting your hair cut done. As a start, go for a slight U or V cut and invest more on hair softening hair spas. If you have softer, manageable hair without any tangles, you wouldn't be having this much interest in cutting your long beautiful hair. If you have a very dry, un manageable hair, get deep conditioning shampoos, conditioners suggested  by your hair specialist and use them. Go for a hair nourishing mask or hot oil treatment every weekend. You can also depend on hair sprays to hold you hair in a place'. Think twice, get suggestions from friends/family and that's all you will be done with your beautiful new hair cut.

So girls, which hair cut do you prefer for long Indian hair?
If you have any suggestions close to Gayathri's query, please don't forget to leave them below in comments!

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