Friday, October 5, 2012

How to Make Lip Gloss with An Eyeshadow? [Photo Tutorial]

Hello Beauties,
Today, I am going to present a photo tutorial on How to Make Lip Gloss with your Eye shadow. Strange? No! I got this idea when I was planning to visit my cousin Vicky's home after long days. I wanted to gift her something as we are meeting after a long time. She loves strawberry scented cosmetics and hence I gave her the Lakme Fruit Blast Strawberry Face Wash when we met last time :) And this time, I searched for something 'Strawberry-sh' in my beauty product case and I found out this Aloe Veda Strawberry Lip Balm. Hmm I have reviewed this lip balm long ago here and it shows no tint on the lips even though it looks colourful! I love colourless lip balms but still I prefer the tinted ones when I am lazy to wear my lippy. My cousin is fond of tinted lip balms too hence I jumped into the experiment of making a gloss for her using this Aloe Veda Lippy and my eyeshadow :D
    I though of using any of my pink/plum lipsticks for this but suddenly I thought 'Why not to make it up with an eyeshadow or an eye pigment for a change?' That seemed as a good idea for me too and hence I picked this bright pink shimmery eye pigment from Nature's Brilliance by Sue. Now let us check how I made the lip gloss in 4 simple steps. Go ahead and enjoy the pictures and tutorial! :)

lip balm, eyeshadow, spoon

Things you will need:

  • A lip Balm (Tinted or colourless, anything would do good)
  • A pink/plum Eyeshadow (You can also go for any other shade(s) you wish)
  • A clean spoon
  • A ladle

ingredients, swatches

4 Simple Steps to Make Lip Gloss with an Eyeshadow:

Step 1:
Collect your lip balm in a ladle with a clean spoon. If you are using a tube lip balm for this DIY lip gloss recipe, then cut it off with a clean knife and collect it in the ladle. You can also use thick yummy smelling lip butters for this to make your lip gloss rich! Next time I am planning to use the Himalaya Lip Butter which has a very sweet shea butter smell. (Yummm...)

lip gloss

Step 2:
Add required eye pigment/eye shadow to the ladle of lip balm. If needed you can add more later, hence add a little by little until you get the desired pigmentation. Here, the shade I used is a bright pink shade with tiny pink shimmers in it. This would add a nice shine to your lips. However you can also use matte shades for a shimmer-free lip gloss finish. If you have many same kinda shades in your eyeshadow collection, recycle them as lip glosses!

lip gloss, eye pigment, eye shadow

Step 3:
Now mix both the lip balm and eye shadow together with the clean end of a spoon. Mix well without any clumps. Swatch it in your hands to check whether the pigmentation is enough for you. If you want more opaque finish, add some more eyeshadow . This particular shade I prepared looks yummy isn't it? I feel to keep it myself without gifting her lol :P (Shhh...)

lip balm, eyeshadow, lip gloss

Step 4:
That's it we are almost done. Now heat and melt this lip gloss and fill it up in the same lip balm container. Allow it to cool down in room temperature (This will hardly take 2-3 minutes) and you're done with your DIY lip gloss made of eyeshadow. Enjoy!

Homemade DIY lip gloss

My Homemade DIY Lip Gloss Swatch:

It is rich, thick, moisturizing and has a moderate pigmenation with tiny pink shimmers. You can top matte lipsticks with this lip gloss to get that shimmery shine. If you are not a lipstick person, you can just use this plainly on your lips anytime; this lip gloss is suitable for day/night time wears and also for work.

Homemade DIY Pink Lip Gloss Swatch

See how I packed the DIY lip gloss gift :) I hope she (my cousin) would  love it. What do you think girls?

lip gloss, DIY, gift

Hope you enjoyed my photo tutorial on making this DIY Lip Gloss with an Eyeshadow :) Did you like it?

Have you tried any such DIY recipes at your home? Share below; I am waiting to hear!