Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Sad Morning

This morning has beeeen one of those moments as I call them when old things pop up that create heart ache. I was recalling when my frien Jimmie, friends since we wer 5 and lived accross the street from each other, at the age of 16 was found hung one afternoon, the loss is still with me and I cry for him and cannot wait until this fricken disease erases that memory, for he was one of two of my close friends that died that way at the same age. I talked to an old school mate this morning informing him I would not be at our class reunion from Austin High in Chicago from 1962, good thing the invitation is in front of me. We spoke briefly and asked him to say high and wish them all Gods' blessings for me. My social graces then were not very good and now I go off in a momemnt and and would be3 more of a disruption then a pleasantness to the festivities. This is my link to all of you that visit me, in My World that is occupied with outhers in the same sinking ship. I do my best to enjoy what I have, but I am noticing that I am increasingly forgetting yesterday and last year and some years before more often. I get lost in conversations, God only knows where I go because I sure the f&*k don't. Enough of the pitty potty, I am still here and able to speak to you. I truly enjoy hearing from YOU out there, so for now take care of yourselves.

God Bless You and This Country of Ours!