Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4 Types Cause of Triggers Belly Fat

Distended stomach could be the beginning of obesity, what causes triggers belly fat. Many things are the cause, can of foods, sleep patterns and rarely exercise. Although most are more common in men, is no stranger to attack in women. Potbelly tetjadi karene fat in the abdomen increases. But in some people,   eliminating belly fat stacks should be done with an uphill battle. Even after a routine exercise, fatty deposits that still did not want to go. Maybe there are 4 types cause of triggers belly fat  is around us.

1. Food that invites fatty
Any food that goes into the mouth, will be directly proportional to the intensity of exercise should be done. So if we're still wondering why they did not want to lose distended stomach, try to notice how much sugar we consume.
And when talking about sugar, its kind deal. Starting from pure sugar, sugar refinerasi, until the sugar is in foods or drink you. To avoid this, we need to change their food all over it with sugar crunchy.Selain there are also foods made from flour, such as bread, noodles, to rice. These foods produce gas when entering the large intestine. This then makes us feel more Distended stomach.
These foods are high in carbohydrates, again, is converted into glucose or sugar when it enters the body. If we do not complete the exercise, then the process will slow down the breakdown of glucose which is then stored as fat in the muscle.

2. Never do weight-bearing exercise.
The study was conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, studied 164 female respondents. Based on their intensity weight-bearing exercise is concluded, the respondents are 2 times a week doing weight training for 1 hour, shrinks belly fat by 15 percent compared to no weight training at all. Not only that, they are lifting weights also managed to reduce total fatty in the body as much as 4 percent.

3. Carbonated beverages.
Carbonated beverages are beverages containing carbon dioxide. This gas when it goes into the stomach will slow the digestion foods so that accumulate into fat. Sometimes we are often unconsciously consume it, it tastes fresh. After knowing the triggers belly fat, try to reduce them

4. Doing sit ups is wrong.
Do sit-ups a standard course, if we do it right will provide great benefits to the erosion of fats in the stomach. When lifting your head up, make sure that we move back and Pudak in a straight motion. Raise your head as far as we can and feel the stomach to contract.
Remember, do not lift the head with his hands. But push the shoulders up and place your hands behind your ears. Hold for a few minutes, then returned to the lying position slowly to avoid injury.

Let's improve our diet and exercise, do not let your belly fatty to accumulate for too long, by knowing the 4 cause triggers belly fat, you can avoid it from now on, to maintain body condition and appearance of the athletic and the ideal