Tuesday, February 28, 2012

6 The Right Way to Choose a Good Cosmetic

At present almost all women are familiar with cosmetics, and even for some men also used for facial treatments or skin. Choosing a good cosmetic, to get a match is not an easy thing. The problem is we often do not understand, what is the basic material used for a particular product. Therefore, you better be more careful in choosing your cosmetics are safe to use. 6 the right way to choose a good cosmetic, was presented by Dr. Robert Greene, author of Hormone Balance for Fertility, maybe this can help explain how.

1. Recognize the type of skin
How do you skin type? Dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin? Skin type, determine which cosmetic products should you choose. Effectiveness of each product is different according to the specifications listed on the types of skin products. For example, products for dry skin when used for oily skin will not be useful to reduce excess oil. May actually trigger the production of oil on the face.

2. The content found on cosmetic
It is not as important as these factors before. Although these products promise a variety of tantalizing results but if not evidenced by abortion, there would be no point. Make sure cosmetics are free from harmful substances such as mercury and hydoquinon. Such materials do give quick results but can lead to dependency and if stopped will menimbulan new problem is more severe in the face.

3. Using organic ingredients.
In general, these materials are safe and contain only a few chemicals. You still have to check again the label that lists the materials used, and make sure nothing harmful. There are some make-up or cosmetics that do use perfume in addition to its product. Chemicals that can damage the body, to material that is easily absorbed into the pores of the body and into the bloodstream. Such as perfume, for example.

4. Legality of the product
Choose cosmetics that are legal. . Legality of the product is considered crucial because the market has been flooded with offers a variety of cosmetic products efficacy and an attractive price. These illegal products liability shall be held if the side effects will occur on the user.

5. List of composition
Consumers need to know the types of materials contained in cosmetic products that will be chosen. This information can be known if the producers honestly lists the materials used on the packaging label.

6. Name & address manufacturers
Name and address of the manufacturer should be clearly listed clearly on labels so that consumers will easily find information and file complaints if things happen that any adverse effects of the use of products produced. Good manufacturers usually include a special number for service konsumenlam and address of the website can be reached.

Well, hopefully 6 right way to choose a good cosmetic that has been presented above can be your consideration in selecting cosmetics