Sunday, February 19, 2012

Female alcoholism

Female alcoholism
Have you ever heard about women's heart attack, gastric female, female pulmonary tuberculosis? I doubt it. But the women's alcoholism, we hear at every turn. Do I understand this to mean that alcoholism runs in women fundamentally different?

I see no compelling arguments in favor of this view. The only noticeable difference is that the female body more sensitive to the harmful effect of alcohol because of anatomical and physiological characteristics of alcohol and at the same load, a woman will become dependent more quickly than men. And the symptoms of alcoholism are the same in both sexes: the loss of control, changes in tolerance, withdrawal symptoms, heavy drinking, alcohol awareness, damage internal organs and the psyche, social degradation, etc.Women, like men, use the same techniques of psychological defense in the confrontation with relatives, asserting its sovereign right to drink from a complete denial ("all okay", "I can control the booze," "Alcohol does not bother me," " why can not I drink beer? ", etc.) to the lightweight promises to quit drinking on their own and pulling visit to the doctor until the last. Female alcoholism runs on the same laws as the male.The fact that women are quickly drawn into the relationship, does not mean that female alcoholism occurs faster degradation. Here are all individually. The issue of degradation is not so simple. We often see a man (this applies to both men and women), down to the bottom, stopping to drink, goes back to normal life and it would seem from the deep degradation is not a trace remains.And about a harmful error. There is a widespread belief that female alcoholism is incurable. Sounds like a death sentence. When you hear such a verdict, do not believe it's true! Women have a chance to get rid of alcohol addiction, no less than men. Personally, I like to work with women, I like the doctor appeals to a feature of female behavior: women are more, I got the impression, as men are inclined to comply with all recommendations and requirements of a doctor, and so the result does not make to wait long. Nice to know that you helped one woman did not develop life.Note that the female and male alcoholism are treated the same way: through total abstinence from alcohol and restructuring of consciousness.
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