Sunday, February 19, 2012

Breast disease

Breast disease - a disease that occurs almost every middle-aged women. Most women get used to the disease, enduring constant pain and discomfort in the breast.

Unfortunately, this "patience" might end in failure. Breast cancer is 3-5 times more likely to occur against a background of mastitis, and therefore remain at risk, and think that everything goes by itself, is not the best solution. Therefore, prevention and treatment of mastitis? Is also the prevention of breast cancer.
Female body is cyclical and normally live in accordance with clear biological rhythms: daily, monthly, yearly and life.
Fluctuations in hormones - estrogen and progesterone cause the onset and duration of the menstrual cycle, conception, pregnancy, childbirth, breast-feeding.Breast is a fibro-cystic breast disease, which is due to a violation of the hormonal and nervous systems of females. Although the disease is characterized mainly for middle-aged women, but now increasingly common and very young girls.
Stress, depression, neurosis and disrupt the entire body, causing a violation of the hormonal regulation of internal organs. Irregular sexual activity, abstinence or frequent partner exchange are also stressful for the female organism. And the first to react to it, of course, breasts.

Put themselves at risk of developing mastitis, and those women who drop out early to breastfeed. When breastfeeding is dropped sharply - develops a hormonal stress. Any harmful effects: random or shock compression of breasts in public transport, damage to the chest during a workout, wearing a close, squeezing laundry.
Examine the breasts can be at home with breast self-examination or at the reception at the gynecologist, mammologist. Repeating this study on a monthly basis, you'll soon get used to and you can feel the slightest deviation from the normal state of the breast. In this case, suspecting something was wrong, you can manage to diagnose the disease at an early stage.
Many women find themselves in mastopathy, afraid to go to the doctor and do not realize that modern medicine offers a wide range of medical treatment, including non-hormonal.Most likely, after diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe the patient with mastopathy drugs that can completely eliminate the disease and all the unpleasant feelings associated with it.
Breast disease is curable! And it is necessary to know every woman. At the first sign of disease, of course, need to see a doctor. Also, monitor their health on their own, giving the body the same attention as her beloved child, family, work. Remember, breast - this is not a sentence!
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