Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to make perfect breasts?

How to make perfect breasts?
Frankly, I do not advocate surgeryand abuse of people with a scalpel on the female body, as it were great and "good" it may be.
But when I imagine myself in the place of women who dared to lie down on the surgical table, I have a brewing question: what could drive such a step?

The answer is one: the desire to be beautiful and desired for a long time! So maybe your opinion on this case I change my time.
But if it touches the small changes, such as the nipple to increase or decrease after breast feeding, then why not? You can and try: after all the work for half an hour!
Correction of nipple and areola form around them - is an aesthetic surgery, which is done in order to improve the appearance of breasts, to correct inverted nipples and if necessary, reduce the size of the "dark" spots.

After the chest at all different: someone with a large nipple and areola of the same, someone is absent nipple. But the requirement for all the same: I want to be beautiful!
"You want beautiful? It will be done! "- Says the doctor, and proceeds to easy manipulation of the" knife ".
If the nipple is small, then enlarge the doctor makes a small incision, the nipple and extends outward.
To reduce the excess skin is cut accurately. Doctors say that this has no effect on breast-feeding!

If the work is done on an "ideal" areola, then decrease it to remove excess tissue at the border of the pigmented area.
These operations are carried out under local anesthesia and lasts no more than an hour.
After the procedure, you can immediately go home. Discomfort can deliver only a tingling sensation in the operated area, but it will pass quickly.
For the first time after the operation is necessary to protect the nipples, which is superimposed a special bandage. In addition, this period is not recommended to wear lingerie close. For a woman of ordinary life can return almost immediately.
In principle, do not worry: everyone is doing quickly and under anesthesia!
Who would fit such an operation? 1.Tem who have asymmetrical nipples. The asymmetry may arise after plastic surgery on the breast or as a result of natural aging, when changing breast shape and position of the nipple. And also to those who have nipples with a rough outline.
Two. Inverted nipples. There is a lack of tissue the nipple and areola, as it were jagged.
Three. Enlarged nipples. Present excess areola tissue, resulting in enlarged nipples in size.

As with any surgical procedure, complications may be here:
• infection in the form of suppuration and inflammation - for prevention should designate a course of antibiotics;• the formation of a hematoma in the wound;• Complications from anesthesia;• reduced sensitivity of the operated site;• scar - it can be removed with a special beauty treatments.