Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Chatter: Somethings In Life Are So Special :)

Before you say to yourself in disdain "ufff another V-Day post", let me tell you that nope you are mistaken, this isn't a V-Day post :) and no it isn't a V-Day "hate" post either... It is a post about tiny little things in life that are soo special :) It could be your fav Red lipstick (yes there I go again), or a spritz of your favorite perfume, or the "alone" time you spend listening to songs and driving your way to office or even the 2 minutes you spend looking at yourself in your office washroom mirror...

Yes this post is about little things that are a part of my day and make me who I am ( a little too intense? :P)... Ha ha, it sure is... I am in a retrospective and an introspective mood today... ok maybe a bit of a philosophical mood as well... So the rant... Why? I am due :( and shit happens!

I was in an utterly crappy mood when I was getting ready for office in the morning... Dunno why... Though the "pati" was really sweet and romantic but I still snapped at his efforts of being you know "Valentiney"... So the poor guy let me be and left me on my own to do my hair... Today the stupid hair had also grown a mind of its own and it just wouldn't listen to me contributing to my frustration and I finally just stormed off out of the house (banged the door as well) only to return with an apology kiss for the "pati" 2 minutes later. "Pati" surprisingly was understanding and quite in a good mood still ;)

After the whole morning drama, while driving to office I was reminiscing the events that just happened when I realised how special the whole thing was that the "pati" was all sweet and understanding of my very "chid chid" mood swings (bless him God!)... And well that got the ball rolling and I started counting the sweet and special things that make my day and how thankful I am to God for it :) I will obviously not list out all of these things and bore you death... After all I do want you guys visiting my blog in the future, but I'll just share the significant ones :)
A Random Image I Picked Up From Google :)
 The first special moment in the morning is when my maid rings the bell and I go all droopy and dreary eyed to open the door to her and the good morning smile she gives me :) She doesn't know Hindi (or English), only Marathi and I know broken Marathi (yes we still manage), so our morning greeting to each other is just a smile... What better than to wake up to a smile everyday? :)

The next special moment of my mornings is the good-bye "pati" and I say to each other before leaving for our respective offices. Sometimes he leaves before me and sometimes I do and sometimes we leave together... But the ritual is the same :) Nope no details ;) But it is special! :)

Then comes the time I leave from office. 98% of the times I leave office earlier than him and we have a customary phone call where I tell him that I am leaving office and ask him if he has any dinner preferences or I should just cook what I want. We generally squabble over rice or roti. I want rotis and he rice :)

And finally the "alone" time I get after I finish cooking dinner and before "pati" comes home... the couple of hours of solitude is bliss for me when I do my make-up, write posts for my blog, clean my dresser/house, take a leisurely head bath or even wear a new nail polish :)

So what are your favorite moments in a day?