Sunday, February 19, 2012 Online Shopping Site Review, Experience and Haul

Hey buddies! Hope you're doing fine. I am here with an online shopping site post again :D Yes! I am reviewing today, a famous online shopping site with my shopping experience and haul. What is going on your mind right now? Shall I guess hmm well you're thinking "This girl got mad/crazy about doing online shopping hauls eh? he he Right! Yes I do :) I got mad about online shopping nowadays, as there are many new shopping sites blooming in our country often! If we go back a couple of years it's very rare to see shopping sites online in India. But now? ha ha it's everywhere :P This becomes a great advantage for Indian men and women to shop wisely through online. What's better in online shopping than doing physical shopping? By shopping online you do save money by discounts, reduce physical stress (Searching for products in shops.. he he I know, Lazy me). What else you want? So, I prefer online shopping is the best! Now now you would have got to know why am I crazy :P Okay oops I will stop my blabbering. Now comes the review. Site Appearance
Main category tabs are displayed below the header such as Skincare, Makeup, Hair care and so on. Many sub categories can be chosen from these main categories to search products easily. You can also search by brands by visiting the brands page here

Features and Discounts of
Free Shipping over Rs.300
Cash On Delivery
Online Secure Payment
Over 300 Best Selling Brands
Over 12000 Products

More About (As per the site)

Hundred or two hundred? Oh gosh! They have over 12000 products
. I am really impressed! I didn't even get patience to search all the products when I shopped, it is a very big list. They have a huge range of Men care, baby care and health care products too. Cash on Delivery above Rs.300 also seems like a great deal. I will show you the screen shot of their brands list. This is only few. Just imagine how many brands will be from A-Z.. !!

A Part of the Brands List 

The Virtual Studio
 This is the very unique feature of this site that I loved most! I will explain what this is. We can choose a model picture of our skin type and see trial of makeup shades whether it will suit us or not. Your own picture can also be uploaded! Lovely! This entertained me a lot to say the truth :P I loved to makeup myself trying different shades. Okay games apart! This really helps you to choose products for your skin types, they really give you great product suggestions.

 Now comes My funny Makeup (I uploaded my pic he he ) :P

My Experience with
Short and sweet I am going to finish this part! :) I placed my order on Monday and Received.... on Tuesday.. Yippee!!. Very great customer service they have! Soon as I placed my order, I got a call of confirmation. So fast and super! In what way physical shopping can stand in front of this site? No chance. Loved the experience :) So easy and fast shopping!

Note: Shall we move on to my haul? Please don't make fun of me for the few men products I bought! It is for my cousins (younger to me) he he he..  

My Goodie Box

The goodie box is perfectly packed and sealed along with Medplusbeauty watermarks over it. Very safe and compact packaging! The products are safely bubble wrapped and my bill came inside.

Products I Purchased 

 All the products were freshly manufactured and perfect! They have great discounts too.

  1. Can you believe? They have more than 12000 products!! Really!
  2. Great discounts and most of the products.
  3. Easy search/shop site design.
  4. Wide range of brands, over 300 brands!
  5. Very fast delivery. I received my goodie box within a day.
  6. The goodie box is safely packed and sealed.
  7. Makeup brands like NYX, Maybelline etc are available too.
  8. Good customer service which is very helpful in online shopping.
  9. Cash on delivery is available (It would be better if they introduce COD in all the places) 
  10. Oh..!! Last but not least. The Virtual Makeup Studio! So excellent and unique.
Do you expect one? I don't face any bad at all. But I heard that the delivery at some places takes little more time when compared to the metropolitan cities. Please take care of that

My Recommendation:  I highly recommend this site! 12000 brands!! Great customer service and fast delivery. Please make a purchase friends, you will fall in love with it.

Overall Rating: 5/5 (Yippee)

Will I Re-shop?: No doubt! Yes for sure :D 

Disclaimer: As I blogger I received a gift voucher to make purchase from this site. But it hasn't affected my review in any way.