Friday, February 10, 2012

My Chatter: How Do You Pamper Yourself On a Friday Night?

TGIF! As I sit in front of my laptop writing this post, wearing my brand new specs among other things and relishing my Mango yogurt with Pitbull playing in the background (yes he's a new favorite) I cannot help but thank God that it's a Friday night! :D The perfect time to unwind and relax after 42 hours of office and driving through traffic jams :) Friday nights are my favorite cause another 5 days of work is over, the mayhem of the weekend is yet to start and cause we draw closer to a new salary ;)

Friday nights are the nights I pamper myself :) And this is how I pampered myself today :)

A healthy, early dinner...
Dinner consists of:
1. Fresh veggies salad of capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes, mushroom and carrots in vinegar and salt!
2. Clear tomato and carrot soup
3. Brown Bread Toast
4. Mango Flavored Low Cal Yoghurt
5. Thought better and did not eat the banana ;)

Some feminine Indulgences

That's a real picture of my tea light holders in my bathroom :)
 Taking care of me with:
1. Toni & Guy Moisture Injection Shampoo
2. Toni & Guy Volume Conditioner
3. TBS Rainforest Hair Butter for dry hair
4. Lush "Honey I Washed The Kids" Soap :)
5. My tea light holders :)

Yes I love to take a hot bath in candle light :)

Leafing Through a New Edition of Grazia (my new fav mag)
Grazia is my new fav magazine. I have kinda outgrown cosmo (Wow!)

Blogging :)

So how do you spend your Friday Nights?