Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My skin for thirty years

My skin for thirty yearsSometimes I think that every part of the female body - your age.Sometimes, the heart of eighteen, and the neck is already over forty, all seventy hands, and feet - well look at the twenty-five.And the more skin on the face: that's really who is celebrating his own birthday, regardless of the wishes and aspirations of the owner.Although, if it properly, and to congratulate the right gifts to give, there is a chance to gain power over her age!Thus, the skin - thirty. Dangerous anniversary!

Back in the day there is a pause mode for bad habits, and sleep is not even a ten, and life is not the most healthy, and everyone seems to get away with it, and yet have a need to monitor, closely related to health and to notice any unwanted changes : to prevent and eliminate them.
That such a range of thought, I propose to select for our leather anniversary gifts.
Gift of the first: the certificate for examination in a private clinic All the problems of our thirty years of skin visible from the outside, and are born - inside.
That is why she is overjoyed, if you will present it to a good survey, tied with ribbon front. She was pleased to hear recommendations therapist, endocrinologist, immunologist, allergist - albeit not so thirty and age, once again checked not hurt anyone.
Gift of Two: phytohormonal menu The thirty - the age when one would think and hormonal background necessary for the skin beauty.
Use of hormonal make-up, of course, still very early, so we will make it a present to the fiftieth anniversary, and today - a dinner party with phytohormones, improving the complexion, skin elasticity, giving her youthful glow.
Let the menu be sure to: grapes, pomegranate, soy, wheat germ, olive oil and tincture of hop cones - as commemorative champagne.

Gift of Three: Water Every decent skin, which stepped three decades of the threshold should be: a bottle of thermal water for daily hydration, moisturizing facial mask, two liters of clean drinking water every day inside.
Present Four: real green tea Nothing will rejuvenate and heal as good, a real green tea, brewed according to the rules and drunk in good company.
This is not just a holiday toast - green tea is a powerful antioxidant, binding, and deducing from the body of free radicals - the main enemies of our thirty years of the skin.

Gift Five: Love Whatever it was, our skin, it really needs to love his mistress. The daily care. In constant supervision. In the beauty salon and pampering gifts.
Because only one who loved, maybe thirty, fifty, and look at all eighteen!