Tuesday, February 14, 2012

REVIEW: The Body Shop Love Etc... Solid Perfume

I am not a fan of "heart shaped" anything.. Pendants, earrings, pillows, balloons.. No missy they are not for me :) But I got myself a heart shaped solid perfume and so you ask why? It's because I love small and tiny "dibbis" (containers) and the little tiny dibbi that the solid perfume came in totally won over the repelling heart shape it had... Though I must say that a fragrance called "Love Etc" would obviously come in a heart shaped container now wouldn't it? Its only natural. So ladies and gentlemen, without much ado let me introduce you all to The Body Shop Solid Perfume called Love Etc... Romantic? Yeah obviously... Cute and Pretty? Oh you bet! :D

As you can see in the images below, the solid perfume comes in this cute heart shaped PINK tin container with a white lid. It is the most convenient perfume to carry in your purses (obviously) and its mild floral and feminine Vanilla + Jasmine notes makes it an instant favorite. It has a sweet fragrance, which is the same as its liquid counterpart also known as Love Etc. But the solid one is a tad lighter and milder, which I like :)

I generally dab it on pulse points i.e. behind my ears, on my wrists and my cl*av*ge and I can keep smelling it almost for 6 hours at a stretch! I did have to "touch-up" after 6 hours but when this tiny dibbi is in your purse, trust me "touching up" is as discreet as possible :)

Image of the Product

Ooohhsss And Aaahhhss!!
1. It has a mild, floral and a feminine fragrance.
2. Comes in a cute container
3. Very convenient to carry along in a purse.
4. The fragrance stays on for pretty long for a solid perfume. It stays on for about 6 hours on me.
5. After it dries off, it does not cause irritation or rashes.
6. TBS does not test on animals :D
7. The product is ok for 24 months after opening. Hence you have a lot of time to finish it :)
1. You need to dig in your fingers into the tub. Some may find it unhygienic especially if you are sharing.
2. It is not available online.

I do not remember the price :( The moment I find it out, I'll update this space :)

Yes I think I will unless I find another solid perfume that has me all tizzy *hoping to God that Green Tea by EA starts coming in a solid form*

Would I Recommend?
Oh yes! It has a very soothing fragrance. Very feminine and if you are a sucker for cute containers like then its a must have for you :)
Do note that beauties who prefer stronger fragrances or even fruity fragrances may give it a pass :)

Overall Rating

So you think you'd try this out?