Tuesday, February 21, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach

You know when you go out and buy something just because it is being written and talked about so much that if you yourself don't get it then you get a feeling of being left out? Of course you don't require it but you "need" it :P Classic examples? Maybelline BB Cream, MAC Cosmo, MAC Paint Pots and of course Colorbar I-Glide Pencils! For me another one joins the list and that is the range of Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks! Out of the list, Maybelline BB Cream and MAC Paint Pots Passed while MAC Cosmo and I-Glide Pencils Failed :( Colorburst lippies? Let's see :)

I bought my first Revlon Colorburst Lippy on Sunday during the Pune Blogger's Meet. How did I decide on the shade? Well a few days back I was going through other beauty blogs when I came across Sukanya's post about Revlon Colorbusrt Lipstick in Peach and she looked lovely with it :) So I knew this was the shade that was going to inaugurate my buying Revlon Colorburst Lippies :)

But unfortunately, as much as it looked yummy on Sukanya, it looked terrible on me :( Completely washing me out and making me look quite sick and ill... The lippy quality as such is pretty impressive and it does stay on for quite sometime but this particular shade isn't made for me :P

Revlon Colorburst Peach is a sheer peach shade with fine shimmery particles, which looks gorgeous in a swatch and well I feel it would go with all skin tones except mine, which is uncannily YELLOW :P Sukanya, sweetie you are one lucky girl that this shade looks so gorgeous on you! I wish it did on me too :( And thank you so much for finally opening the world of Revlon Colorburst lippies to me! :D *much indebted*

Like I said it makes me look ill, but I haven't thrown it away. I have two uses for it... One that it looks gorgeous as a cream blush and second I wear it to office when I have to show that I am not well and need to leave early :P B*tchy? I know! :P

Image of the Product


See how it suits me NOT!
 Ooohhss And Aaaahhsss!!
1. It's a beautiful sheer peach shade that would look gorgeous on non-pigmented lips.
2. It does stay on for a decent amount of time and leaves behind a pretty tint
3. The quality of the Colorburst lippies is good. They are not drying at all.
4. Totally love the checkered packaging! 
5. It makes it very easy for me to look ill and leave office early (ok kidding!)

1. It enhances the lines on my lips.
2. It is expensive!
3. It washes me out :(

It costs INR 580/-

Hmmmm.. Not this one definitely but yup I'll try other shades in this range.
Would I Recommend?
Only if you have non-pigmented lips. And I would suggest you to first try it out on your lips at the store and only then buy it!

Overall Rating