Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sense of Happiness Affects Women Live Longer

Person's feelings or emotions is related to their health, there is a relationship between them of psychology. Especially for women, that 'sense of happiness affects women live longer'. What is meant is that if a woman has a positive mind and always happy, long age, and likely avoid many diseases.

The research team led by Hilary A.Tindle, MD recommends the importance of positive thoughts that cause feelings of happiness. This attitude can be fostered through a variety of ways, such as recreational activities such as watching movies or planning a vacation.
Emptiness and loneliness in life that can keep away from sense of happiness can also be overcome by means of meditation, build friendships, and make themselves meaningful for others.

A of psychology study of happiness and health to find women who have an optimistic 30 percent less likely to die from heart disease. This conclusion results from the study called the Women's Health Initiative in the United States.
Chronic anger and anxiety have long been known to interfere with cardiac function by altering the heart's electrical stability, speed up the blocked arteries and increase inflammation.

So, leave your negative emotions like anger and jealousy that can cause resentment, impatience, and even a sickness. Let's make a habit of living a happier and optimistic because people are living longer happy, happy attitude will make your life healthier.