Saturday, February 11, 2012

Simple Way to Prevent Skin Wrinkles, It's Water

Problem wrinkles skin is a serious thing to reduce beauty, especially in women. Increasing age is fair if the skin becomes wrinkled, but the problem if wrinkles happen at a young age. Wrinkles skin problems other than resulting from an unhealthy diet, as well as the skin caused by dehydration. What are the causes of skin dehydration, can be from the weather, unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, drink less, exposed to the air-conditioning, rigorous diet, up to the age factor. So is there any simple way to prevent skin wrinkles, here's how

Water is not only important for the body, but also important in maintaining skin health and beauty. The water content in the skin is an important factor in maintaining the production of collagen and elastin. Water is very important for the skin. Reduced number of components that cause the skin dehydrated skin looks dry and rough. As a result the appearance of wrinkles and aging looks. The skin is a reflection of the water content in the body. Even so, he continued, sometimes there are people who already consume enough fluids, but the skin remains dry. It's a sign there is a system that does not work or because of aquaporin in the body is reduced in number, so the ability of skin to hold water decreases.

Aquaporin, according dr.Grace Judio-Kahl, who teaches biology physiology, is the "door" for the water so that water molecules are free to flow into or out of cells. The door is necessary because water can not exit or enter the cell in vain. "The greater the water content in an organ, the more the number of aquaporinnya. For example, in renal water content to 82 percent. Meanwhile, in the skin of their water content is only 72 percent," he said.

Obtaining routine so try to drink 8 glasses of fresh water per day. Do not forget to eat lots of fruits and vegetables as a vitamin skin and skin firmness so that sports activities are always awake.
Moisturizing the skin is also very necessary in while doing the activity, Be smart in choosing a moisturizer that suits your skin