Saturday, February 25, 2012

Updates from Mumbai :)

Hello yellow to all my friends... Let me first say that i really really miss you all... Sighhhhh.. "yeh dooriyaan" :P LOL... Also, I miss my laptop, which I very "dumbly" left at home in Pune and I miss posting on my blog :( Somehow my camera isn't liking my parent's computer and so it refuses to transfer pictures to it... So the pictures that I took of my Blisscovered Box, of the Mumbai Bloggers Meet and most importantly of my haul cannot be flaunted and I'll need to wait till tomorrow night to post them and share it with you guys... But I'll give you a short description till then :)

Mumbai Blogger's Meet
Four of us met up... Jinal, Preetha, Jyoti and I :) The others gave is "dhokha" :(  We met as if we were friends since eternity and as if we meet almost every week! Everyone knew everything about everyone. Awesome isn't it? :) And the best part is we ended buying the same "jhatak" pink lipstick from Inglot... All four of us :) Ok about the haul... We rather I hauled at Inglot, Colorbar, MUFE and Kiehl's yay yay yay! But I think the maximum fun we had was at MUFE cause the SA was just fantastic, very patient and ultra helpful. Ok yeah he was a guy and I think guys somehow give better makeup advise. No offense to anyone really cause the girls at Inglot were just terrible! :( Rude and mean :( Siiiggghhhhh... But then I love the girls at MAC so then I guess I am contradicting myself :P
I am in love with Mumbai all over again :)

My Blisscovered Box
Well the contents aren't really a surprise to anyone... I got what almost everyone got... Just that I would have preferred the Chambor eye shadow trio but I got the pencil :( I hate the perfume sample... CK Shock... Very sweet smelling and over powering... I prefer more subtle and understated fragrances like Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea or say Burberry Touch... CK Shock reminds me of Nina Ricci :( From Shiseido they gave me a skin softener, which I am hoping I'll like, Omved Foot Soak, which I am totally dying to try out and H2O body butter, which surprisingly is very drying for me :( So overall I would give the box a "B" or rather an average rating :( Siiigghhhhh... Am I not sighing too much?

Ok, I am sleepy now and I am yet to book a bus ticket for myself :( Will do that... and you all do go on commenting :) Miss you guys!