Thursday, March 22, 2012

Chessboard Eyemakeup Tutorial and EOTD

Chessboard eye makeup?  Have you ever heard about this thing anywhere? Even I haven't. I guess it's somewhat a beginner craze for me because I am obsessed with eye makeup nowadays. I am not a pro in it, but still I love to try different things on my eyes and post tutorials here. Please do bear with me girlies, I might not be excellent in these things :P I just do makeup my eyes, especially different things to pass time and show you all here. Okay how did I get this idea? Eager to know? huh I was simply cleaning and arranging things on my cupboard where I happened to see a chessboard. That's it! My brain starting working and connecting it with my makeup and this tutorial is the result of cleaning my cupboard today (after a long time, of course after receiving scoldings from my mom) "Lance.. Won't you keep your cupboard clean? " he he I went somewhere from the topic, let us move on to the tutorial now. Check out my other EOTDs here

Chessboard Eye Makeup Tutorial in 6 steps

1. Cleanse and prime your eyes. Dust with a compact and line your eyes normally as you line everyday, make it thin. You can also use kajal on your waterline if you wish.

2. Now starting from the center of your upper lash line, draw a slight curvy line pointing upwards. As shown in the image, draw 3 to 4 lines (make the lines little long one after one giving some mm between them).

3. After the lines dry up, draw lines horizontally (I messed up a little as it is my first try) :P till you finish with the last long vertical line. It should be somewhat like that the lower row contains many boxes and goes up in an ascending order.

4. Make sure, you should give time in between these steps to dry or else your eye liner would mess up. I used Lakme Insta Eyeliner here and I had to sit under fan for ages to dry :( I should have gone for something else for perfection. That's okay.. let's chill out.  After this step, you can see little boxes showing your eyelid skin colour.

5. Inside these boxes, fill your white eyeliner and allow it to dry. Touch up after drying for a perfect chessboard look. That's it. You are done! :D

The Final Look - EOTD

Chessboard Eye Makeup look - EOTD

Simple isn't it? Share your opinions about this tutorial with me in your comments!

So girls, how many of you have chessboards in your cupboard? :P