Saturday, March 3, 2012

Kinds of Kim Taeyeon 'SNSD' Hairstyle

For people Asian in particular, must have heard SNSD or GirlGenertion Girlband. Kim Taeyeon is a personnel and chairman of this group. Women who are interested in Korean style, KimTeayeon have beautiful hair styles, often change-change but stillgives the impression that pretty to look at. The most frequently used Kim Tayeon hairstyle is a form of bangs covering his forehead. Maybe some of the beautiful hairstyles Taeyeon 'SNSD'  this could be your inspiration.

wavy short hair styles kim Taeyeon

2 bound hairstyle looks cute kim Taeyeon

favorite hair style bangs bound Kim Taeyeon

long hair style straight and loose, looks elegant Kim Taeyeon

Kim Taeyeon hair styles, black bangs are very pretty

favorite hair style is usually used Kim Taeyeon, she was sweet and beauty