Friday, March 2, 2012

Meet The Bloggers: Samyukta/Suma of ISimplyLoveMakeUp

hehehhehehehe.. hhehehehehhe.. *giggle* *giggle* I just cannot stop giggling thinking about your incredulous expressions on a Saturday morning or in some cases Friday really late night when you guys see this post :P Yes yes the Title isn't incorrect rather I thought why not tell you guys something about myself :P heheheheheheh :))

Ok, so I'll start with the facts like you all know I am the author of this blog and of course many know me as "Suma" and still a lot many as "Samyukta". So, which is my real name some would ask? No it's not Suma and not it's not Samyukta :P It is "SumaSamyukta". Yes! It's true :P My official records have me with the twin names and well everyone calls me the way they find it convenient :) Of course you all know I am a software engineer who seems to be totally obsessed with the world of make-up and cosmetics. And yes you all also know that I am married, live in Pune and stuff... So I will not stretch this introductory section and would straight go towards answering the questionnaire that I prepared for myself. Yes I know it sounds extremely Vain :P Hahahaha :D I don't know why but writing this only is cracking me up so bad! hehehehhehe :D

Full Name Please
  SumaSamyukta Sharma

What does make-up mean to me 
Make-up essentially started as a hobby for me but gradually I got so engrossed into it that today I feel Make-up is a necessity for me as it gives me a lot joy, self confidence and a form to express myself in terms of my moods, whims and fancies :)

Prefer Lipstick or Lip Gloss  
Lipsticks through and through :)
Kajal or Eye Liner
Gel Liners that can be doubled up as a kajal. But if I had to choose between the two then Kajal :)
Black Smoky eyes and Nude Lips or Nude eyes and Red Lips  
You guys know that's a tough one for me :) But I generally go with Smokey Eyes and Red Lips! Yup! Thats a SIN but then who cares ;)
Pink Nail Polish or Black Nail Polish
Pink Nailpolish :)
Favorite brand of cosmetics for Lipsticks 
Colorbar Velvet Matte, MAC (for matte lippies only) and MUFE (recent phenomenon) :D

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Eye Shadows  
Sleek and MAC

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Eye Liners  
Faces Long Wear Pencils, MAC Fluidlines

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Blushes  
Illamasqua and Colorbar

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Foundations 
MAC. Haven't tried MUFE as yet though have heard so much bout its HD range!

Lakme or Lakme Absolute
  Lakme Absolute

Colorbar I-glide or Faces Long Wear
 I just answered this! Faces  :)

Which collection or range of products are you waiting for impatiently:
I am seriously waiting with bated breath for Maybelline's Eye Color Tattoos and Shop/Cook MAC Makeup collection :)

Which is your most recent discovered product that you truly love:
MUFE Rouge Artist Intense Lipsticks :)
Which is your most recent discovered product that you dislike:
CK perfumes and Lakme ABsolute Baked Eye Shadows!
What mistake do you notice people most often make in make-up 
Wearing a lighter shade of foundation than their skintones and wearing a lot of foundation even when they don't require it.
Oh! And I have a new one, overdone eye brows! I know strong eye brows are in but they should look natural right? Not "Kroor Singh" types! "Chandrakanta" anyone? :P