Friday, March 2, 2012

Lipstick GiveAway Closed

Hello All... First off I totally apologize for closing this giveaway sooner. I have no excuse except that I got lazy :( Sorryyy...

Ok, now that I know who the winner is, I am still announcing another twist or rather say a pleasant surprise :) The winner of course gets the lippies as was promised, but there is an extra surprise gift for the person who has the maximum entries. Honestly? I am yet to decide on the surprise gift but I am sure you will not be disappointed :)

Ok, so for the winners...

The winner of the lipstick giveaway Ladies and Gentlemen is
Megha (Pankhuri)

Congratulations Megha :)
Do mail me once you see this! :)

Now for the winner of the surprise gift... Congratulations to...

with 13 entry points (thats the max). Dimpal btw was a close second :)
Bidz, do revert back to me soon :)
Will be telling you about your gift very soon :)

P.S. Parita (my GlossyBox Winner), I have mailed GlossyBox again but they are yet to revert back regarding your prize. I apologize that your gift is getting delayed so much :( If I do not hear from them in a couple of days, I shall be mailing you with the updates :) Don't you worry, I would not let you be disappointed :) Promise! :)