Friday, March 9, 2012

Meet The Bloggers: Tanveer Parmar of Addicted To Blush

You have no idea how badly I have been looking forward to this weekend :P Why? That's cause I do not have any household tasks planned :) All cleaning, washing etc is done and all I am gonna do during my two off days is relax and pamper myself crazy :D heheheheeh... ok, I do plan to cook some sea-food but then thats about it ;) And of course blog blog blog :) about loads of stuff :) And what better way to start than with another new feature of Meet The Bloggers? :)

Today, in this section we have with us Tanveer Parmar of Addicted To Blush. She of course needs no introduction as we all know her blog really well. We are well acquainted with her no nonsense attitude, her fiery way of writing about things she believes in me and brutally honest reviews. I love her blog cause it has variety, does not get monotonous and cause I know what I am reading is what she herself believes :) Isn't that what we all want where reviews are concerned? :) Also her clear translucent skin and her Grey/hazel eyes are to die for :)

Come let's get to know her more :)

Full Name Please
Tanveer Parmar    

Since How Long Have You Been Blogging: 
3 years & 3 months now! 

Blogs you enjoy reading: 
I read a lot of blogs tbh. Although I don’t comment on all. I particularly enjoy reading Indian Vanity Case by Cynthia & also Lisa Eldridge's blog as well as video tutorials. I have found a number of gems thanks to Cynthia and Lisa, well, I have learnt just so much from her! In fashion I like reading Style Chic, and for bollywood gossip I love Bollywood Basketcase :D  
What does make-up mean to you: 
 Hmmmm... Makeup to me, is my grown up way of playing Holi everyday! Ha Ha! Honestly, I love the transformation that makeup does, helping you highlight your features. I also love the fact that makeup gives me some "Me - Time". It is the one relaxing thing I do in the day just for myself. It is quite calming. 
Prefer Lipstick or Lip Gloss: 
Lipstick! (Though I was a gloss person earlier, MAC is to blame for the change)

Kajal or Eye Liner: 
Eyeliner! No kajal for me, not a fan.

Black Smoky eyes and Nude Lips or Nude eyes and Red Lips: 
Nude eyes & red lips. I actually love doing nude eyes, just a splash of shimmery beige eyeshadow, some black tightlining, and a bit of mascara. As a look I feel it is very underrated and not used enough, I pair nude eyes with a lot of different lipsticks, not just red.

Pink Nail Polish or Black Nail Polish: 

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Lipsticks:
MAC. I’m a recent convert though. I have around 5 lippies from their range (7 originally, I misplaced two) and I love wearing them!

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Eye Shadows: 
Inglot freedom system ones for spunky shades, Jordana for neutrals

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Eye Liners: 
Faces & Colorbar both are favs.

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Blushes: 
NYX for Cream blushes, Bourjois for powder blushes

Favorite brand of cosmetics for Foundations: 
I hardly try any foundations tbh, I started using Ponds Tinted Moisturizer around the same time I started blogging, and that is what I use on most days. 

Now Some Deep Questions :)

What mistake do you notice people most often make in make-up: 
Apply too much blush. I think most people make the mistake of just choosing between heavy eyes & neutral lips or else neutral eyes & heavy lips. They don’t really spare a thought about balancing the blush too. The ideal amount of blush is where it just peeks through, and is not obvious. Every look needs a different amount of blush to balance it out. 

Top 5 Make-up Myths according to you:
     1. Wearing makeup everyday is not good for the skin: This myth also presents itself in different forms like Makeup is for wh*res or Natural is best. 
     2Face wash & water will remove all my makeup at the end of the day. A lot of products we use these days are designed to be waterproof – including your sunscreens. They are based in oil and don’t really come off completely with a facewash. It is best to use a makeup remover & then use a face wash post that)
    3. Expensive makeup is best / Drugstore offers the same at lower prices becoz they don’t go in for fancy packaging or ads: I think good products are available in most brands today, at various price points. One needs to just find something that works well for them. Oh, and while we are at this point, no makeup is worth going bankrupt for. I mean this in all seriousness. When I started using basic makeup in college, I hardly used to have any money. I had two Elle 18 lip glosses (in pink & brown) and a 3-4 Jordana eyeliners which at that point were 60 bucks per piece. I enjoy my makeup, but I keep a tight control over expenses by limiting my spend on it. Don’t spend more than 3% to 5% of your salary on it.
    4. Eye makeup is complex and is all about combining and blending at least 4 different eyeshadows: Yes, there are experts who do that, but don't let that scare you! It's ok if all you use is one basic shade for the lid. You will only learn if you try.  
    5. Foundation needs to be applied all over the face: You just need in areas of discoloration. And I'm also not a fan of powder foundations. Somehow I can never get myself to sport a matte face. I like a bit of dewyness in my base. I would rather have my makeup wear off an hour earlier than go out with a powdered face. 

Top 5 tricks or tips you have learnt over the time: 
a.       I have learnt how to tightline, and this has been a game changing technique for me. I haven’t yet seen any technique make so much of a difference to my looks (I tightline only the outer half of the lash line). 
b.      How to apply primer. Don't rub it in, just gently smooth it over the face and wait for it to set for a minute before applying foundation. It works a lot better this way. 
c.      Makeup Brushes – which ones to buy & how to use them. I was a complete klutz at eye makeup until I seeked professional help in form of brushes. Every other bit of makeup can be done using either fingers or regular brushes, for for eye makeup you need a good branded one. 
d.   Highlighting the brow bone doesn't work for me: a sparkly one looks OTT, and a matt one just looks very chalky. The point here is that not every makeup technique will look awesome on you. Find those that do and stick with them. These days with so many videos & blogs it is quite easy to learn about your face & eye shapes. Also when learning from bloggers keep in mind that all bloggers use techniques that make the most of their feautures, it may not translate well to your's. That does not mean that you don't know how to use makeup. 
e.   Invest in skincare over makeup. After you are done budgeting, buy the best & the most gentle skincare products you can afford Again this doesn't mean that drugstore skincare is not as good as high end brands - they have their share of gems - I'm a big fan of Himalaya face washes. But my experience is that when it comes to skincare, the high end brands do offer a slightly better deal at times when it comes to serums & creams. Also do a lot of reading into skincare, be savvy about the latest ingredients and breakthroughs. If your skin looks good & healthy, trust me - that is half the battle won. 

A Make-Up Must Have that every Indian Beauty must have in his/her vanity/purse:  
A berry colored lip product in any form you like - pencil, lipstick or gloss. Berry shades look good not only on all skin tones, but also go well with most clothes (Indian & Western) and all sorts of eye makeup. It can be also used as a blush if needed.

Make-up Advice Relevant to our Indian Skin Tones and Features: 
Concentrate on the base. A lot of times we get taken in by the pretty colors in eye & lip makeup. That definitely seems more exciting, when compared to boring, blah, beige world of primers, concealors and foundation. Indian women are prone to dark circles, hyperpigmentation, as well as grey patches on the face (generally this is a sign of dehydrated skin. It is possible to have oily skin that is dehydrated). All of these make you look older. Get this right, and you’ll be able to carry off makeup a lot better.