Monday, March 5, 2012

My Mumbai Weekend Trip :)

Hello beautiful people :) I am back from another weekend vacation from Mumbai all refreshed. I am sure you wonder how much "refreshments" I need in a month ;) Hahahaha.. This time was special cause "pati" also accompanied me and well "pati", mamma and I had a blast! :) We went to Sassoon Dock early in the morning where we witnessed all fishermen hauling their catch (fish) on to the jetty and people scrambling to buy them at less than wholesale prices! This was something totally new for me and I was astounded at the variety and the size of fish that people catch and we eat :P Being a sea food junkie I was in sea food heaven with crabs, lobsters, king prawns and pomphrets :) You cannot even fathom the amount of fish we brought back home and best part is we even got a huge ice-box filled with sea food with us to Pune :) heheheheheheh... yup we are celebrating sea-food fest this month at home :P

Apart from this we checked out and dined at "Pizza By The bay" on Marine Drive (yes my mumbai readers totally know what I am talking about especially the townies :P) and then watched "Paan Singh Tomar" at Inox in CR2 (Cuffe Parade). A Sunday well spent! :D Then of course a trip to Mumbai isn't over for me when I haven't haggled with the street vendors on Colaba Causeway and bought this cute pair of cotton shorts and a tube dress :) Perfect for Mumbai Summers :) and then of course raided the Body Shop outlet on the causeway... All in all a perfect Saturday.. Wouldn't you agree :)

I will be sharing the TBS haul with you guys pakka se but lemme now just list out the stuff that I got for myself...
1. TBS Tropical Rainforest Shampoo (to go with my Hair Butter)
2. TBS Topical Rainforest Conditioner
3. TBS Peach Body Butter
4. TBS Vitamin E Moisture Cream (for mamma and me)
5. TBS Hi-Shine Lip Treatment Gloss in Beige Sparkle

I am now officially in love with TBS :D

SO what did u do this weekend?