Tuesday, March 13, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: Inglot Eye Shadow in DS 51

Ladies and gentlemen I am back and I would like to thank you all for being so patient with my slow trickle of posts :) But from now on I promise to be prompt and up to date :) When I did this look, I was having a tough time deciding if I should post this look as an LOTD or as a review and finally I guess the "review" won :D

I got this eye shadow from my Mumbai trip to Inglot. When I visited the store I had deliberately kept my mind blank and had decided to lose myself in the world of colors and choose whatever caught my fancy :) This trick sometimes works wonders, much more than going through endless hours of reviews and making a list et al. This is exactly why I love shopping for make-up in the store as opposed to online shopping (no offense anyone really). It's a personal choice right? :)

Inglot Eye Shadow DS51 is a delightfully bright orange with Silver sparkle and it beckoned me so much gusto that I knew it was going back home with me :) I expected it to look stark and bright on me (yup I love them like that) but surprisingly it turned to be divinely warm on me and looks like it was made for my complexion :) Now let me tell you about the love-hate relationship I have with the color Orange. Orange in clothing suits me very well, but Orange lippies make me look ridiculously "jaundiced". I know women who sport Orange lippies with elan (Jyoti, Kannu) but on me it just makes me look ill. So I was a bit apprehensive about going for an Orange shadow but thankfully and fortunately it totally suits me and I am in love (again! I know!) :P

I will not harp about the quality and stuff of Inglot eye shadows cause I have already review Inglot shadows (Douoble Sparkle, DS) here.

Image of the Product



Oooohhsss And Aaaahhss!!
1. Gorgeously Warm Orange Color
2. Shows up well over a primer
3. Blends easily
4. Negligible fallout
5. Very pocket friendly
6. Stays on for a fair amount of time on the eyes.
7. The silver sparkle present in the shadow does not irritate the eyes like Revlon's Plum Galaxy does!

1. If you are not the kinds who purchase cosmetics online, then availability could be an issue for you.

It costs Rs. 300/- for a refill pan.  

Yes! For sure :D

Would I Recommend?
Yes I would surely recommend and if you are not buying it thinking that it would be too bright or stark then you are mistaken :) It is a beautiful and a warm shade :)

Overall Rating: