Monday, March 19, 2012

REVIEW & LOTD: MAC Mythology Eye Shadow

You know your trip to the salon has been a successful one when one your mood is on "auto happy", two you are itching to try out new looks with the hairstyle, three the "pati" keeps fingering through your hair :) And well all three are true for me and hence it isn't very difficult for you guys to guess that I got myself a new haircut after 8 months and I am totally loving the new me :)

While I was freshening up after gyming today, I felt like trying out a look with subtle yet defined eyes and as if on auto, my hand went towards my palettes rack and pulled out the MAC palette. On opening it, I realised that I had been ignoring a very MAC Mythology since some time now and then it struck me that I hadn't reviewed it either. So, well today I am reviewing MAC Mythology, which is a pretty shimmery, peach eye shadow and is perfect for day wear :) It has a luster finish and has a tiny bit of fall out associated with it. It isn't too pigmented but since it is build-able so I have qualms with it :)

I have already reviewed a lot MAC eye shadows so I will spare you all the repetitive points but just leave you with some images so as to let you be your own judge :)

Image of the Product


MAC Mythology you can see is very similar to MAC expensive Pink. They may look a bit different on a hand swatch but look the same on the eye.

On a random note, I tried a winged liner for the first time :) Do you think it suits me?