Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vaadi Herbals Deep Pore Cleansing Milk Review

Hello buddies! I am reviewing a cleansing milk from Vaadi Herbals now which I have purchased from stylecraze long back. Personally, I use this cleansing milk at least thrice a week and just now got time to review it. Let us see few lines about the brand and this product as per the site. About Vaadi Herbals: Vaadi Herbals is associated with Rajvaidya Group, one of India’s oldest and most recognized manufacturers of Ayurvedic health care products since 1868. Vaadi Herbals has combined Ayurvedic science with modern technology to develop a whole new range of personal care products enriched with the extracts of best quality natural herbs to cater to the needs of the whole family. Every product of Vaadi symbolizes the company’s philosophy that the consumer should get value for his money and at the same time the products are effective for the purpose for which they are made. About the Product: Vaadi Deep Pore Cleansing Milk is made of natural cleansers that penetrate deep down to gently remove dirt, grime & make - up. The rose water & natural oils then work to make the skin look fresh & smooth.  Remove dirt grime and makeup? has rose water and natural oils? Impressing claims. Let us see how it works by checking out the complete review.

Vaadi Herbals Deep Pore Cleansing Milk

Price: Rs. 115 for 500 ml; Rs.40 for for 100 ml

Shelf Life: 3 years

Usage Instructions
Apply all over the face and neck with fingertips or damp cotton wool. Rinse or wipe off.

Lemon - Opens skin pores and removes impurities    
Aloe Vera - Nourishes the skin    
Vitamin E - Protects facial skin including delicate tissues around eyes   
Rose Water - Provides a cool feel to the skin, making it glow

My Experience with this Product
Oh gosh! we get 500 ml for 115 bucks! This is the very first shocking thing, as well as surprising for me. Mostly cleansers come at a rate of 200 or 300 bucks for 100 ml and such but this cleanser comes in a dirt cheap prize. I really felt like getting a cool drink bottle, that huge the bottle is for this price :P I did not under estimate this product because of its price because the effectiveness doesn't depend on the price in most cases. This cleanser comes in a water opaque plastic bottle with blue a cap which is firm and leak proof. I would suggest not to get the 500 ml bottle unless you don't travel because it weighs a lot and makes traveling hard. Go for the small bottle, it is easy to carry and very travel friendly. It comes with a firm flip cap, hence hygienic too :) I accept, the packaging is very simple, but I don't mind because the quality of the product is important to me, not the packaging.

So, I have been using this cleansing milk now and then.. Oops not now and then, at least twice or twice a week till now to observe its good and bad things.  It has a white milky consistency, neither too runny and nor too thick. It glides onto the skin and spreads quickly. I usually massage gently for a minute on my facial skin and wash off. You can also wipe it off with tissue and splash water. While coming to the fragrance part hmm not so good, but not bad for me too. It has a kinda medicinal + herbal smell which is okay for me, but will be not okay for sensitive noses. They haven't mentioned the full ingredient list and the shelf life is 3 yrs, so I doubt whether they added any harmful preservatives in it. But so far, I experienced so side effects, breakouts or dryness. It cleanses out the oil, dirt and light makeup well and leaves my skin soft and moisturized. Oily skins can skip it in hard summers, because it may make your skin greasy but this cleanser is a perfect treat for normal and dry skin types. Dry skins will love it but not to the extent of skipping your moisturizer. Overall, it is a very good cleansing milk for this price. Surely get one for you! Worth trying!

Hey take a look at here. I used random shades on my hands (Some waterproof and others not), rubbed with this cleansing milk, wiped off and washed. Isn't the result better for the price? But sure, you need a better cleanser for removing waterproof eye makeup.

  • The price! You get 500 ml for 115 bucks!
  • Smooth and creamy consistency which glides onto the skin easily.
  • Gets washed off completely without leaving any slippery feel.
  • Travel friendly and sturdy packaging.
  • Cleanses well. Leaves skin fresh and moisturized. 
  • Contain natural ingredients like rose water and aloe vera. I felt the softness on my skin :)
  • Removes oil, dirt and light makeup effectively. 
  • I experienced no side effects such as breakouts or acne
  • Screw cap and hence hygienic.

  • The fragrance! It might be strong for sensitive noses.
  • Full ingredient list not mentioned.
  • This is not a con for this price and goodness, but still I am just mentioning. This is not for removing waterproof and heavy eye makeup.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

My Recommendation: I highly recommend it! At least get the smaller bottle and give a try! Normal and dry skins will love it. 

Will I Repurchase?: Of course! It will take months for me to finish this 500 ml bottle :P