Saturday, March 3, 2012

Secret Keeping Nutrients in Foods

Often we do not know how to keep the nutrients in foods, so many nutrients that are lost before consumption, of course it hurt. Processing and storage can make the nutrients in food is lost or damaged. Therefore, treatment of food as possible. How to process foods affect the nutritional quality. In general, the less processing the better nutritional quality. Obviously the nutritional value of fresh food is better than frozen, but frozen food nutrition is better than canned food. This is the secret of keeping the nutrients in foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

To get the whole food nutrients, ideally we eat fruits or vegetables are freshly picked. But in modern times it is today almost no people in urban areas grow fruit and vegetables in her yard. Vegetables are frozen immediately after harvest contain more vitamins than fresh vegetables are directly transported across the territory to be marketed. Elizabeth Pivonka, a nutritionist and president of Produce for Better Health Foundation said, there are many reasons to choose frozen or canned products, such as lower cost and nutrients intact.

Many people avoid foods that are frozen, dried, or canned food with unhealthy reasons. In fact, in contrast to the belief of many people, even frozen food has many advantages. A study published in the Journal of Science and Agriculture found that fresh food has actually been losing a lot of nutrients than frozen or canned foods.

Food freezing process actually serves to reduce damage to cell walls in the food. Clarence Birdseye, known as the inventor of the technique of freezing the food is said to learn the technique of the Eskimos. The advantages of frozen foods, among others, the process is conducted shortly after the food is picked or freshly caught fish. Thus only a few nutrients are wasted. Unlike the myths that many people believed, frozen or canned foods do not require preservatives. This is because the technique, which is placed in an airtight container, allowing the food to last.

In addition to the storage and freezing, steaming vegetables protects more nutrients and flavor than boiled vegetables which dissolves some of the nutrients into the water. Avoid cutting vegetables for too long before cooking. The distance is too long between when cutting vegetables or fruit with cooking can cause damage. The reason, pieces of vegetables and fruit may be exposed Papas, light, and oxygen, the destroyer of nutrients. Better to cut vegetables or fruit as will be cooked or eaten.

In addition Pivonka explain the types of preservation that also keep the nutrients from food, which is drying. "The advantage of the freeze dried food is nutritionally complete. Besides the color, texture, and shape is not damaged.

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