Thursday, March 8, 2012

Vedic Line Sandalwood and Turmeric Moisturizer Review

Heya girls and girls! Good Morning. Now I will be reviewing a Sandalwood and Turmeric moisturizer from Vedic Line brand. First, let us know more about Vedic Line as this is my first product from them. As per their site, they say "Vedic Line provides innovative & effective daily care products for Face, Hair & Body. All speciality lines are designed for in-salon treatments & on-going treatments at home to restore or maintain youthful look. Vedic Line has optimum combination of Ayurvedic wisdom & modern scientific research. It uses most advanced active & natural ingredients for the best yet safest results. One can enjoy visibly healthier skin & hair initially & significant improvement overtime."  So being natural is always better, this moisturizer impressed me in first sight. I am using it for past 10 days and here comes my review.

Vedic Line Sandalwood & Turmeric Moisturizer

Price: Rs.220 for 200m; Rs.120 for 100ml

Product Description
Sandalwood: Has warm & spicy aroma. Heals and tones up skin.
Turmeric: Is antiseptic. Helps to give glow to skin.

Usage directions
Lightly apply on damp/moist skin. It will help to seal in moisture.

Shelf life: 3 years

My Views and Ratings

The Packaging
The 200ml pack comes in pump packaging (The one I got) and the 100ml one in flip type cap. It looks so lovely and cute, every squeeze is in control too. It is a transparent plastic bottle, very sturdy and thus it will be easy to find out how much product is left inside. Being hygienic and also travel friendly, I don't think it will create any mess. Perfect Packaging!

Colour, Consistency & Texture
I fell in love with the colour to be frank. It looks like a smooth butterscotch ice cream filled in the bottle. The moisturizer is in milky pale yellow colour and the texture is very smooth. The moisturizer is not thick or powdery, it has the ice cream consistency, neither thick nor too runny. Perfect for a light moisturizer. I can feel the turmeric and sandalwood smell in it and so the fragrance part is quite good too. Completely bearable for even sensitive noses, moreover it's very fresh and lovely.

How it works on Me
This sandalwood and turmeric moisturizer is for normal to dry & mature skin, though I tried it as the winter chillness doesn't completely get vanished off. This moisturizing cream should be used very little on normal and oily skin types, or else you will feel greasy. Dry skins will love this to core, it's a skin food for you in summers, winters and whatever the season is. This moisturizer spreads over my facial skin very smoothly and quickly, I needed just a single drop for my whole face. My skin was moisturized and fresh throughout the day, however oily skins may feel it a bit greasy. My mom tried this product and said it made her fine lines vanish a little. So overall, its a good product for normal to dry and mature skins as per the claim. I can't reduce ratings for the greasy feel as they doesn't claim for "Oily skins". but girls! Cheer up. There are many more variants in this range, check out their site for more info.

  1. Yummy butterscotch colour and smooth texture. The texture is perfect for a moisturizer.
  2. A good sandalwood + turmeric fragrance which I could really feel.
  3. Very affordable as you get a huge quantity for 220 bucks. You can get it more cheaper from leading online shopping sites. A single bottle will last for ages. A great buy!
  4. Hygienic and travel friendly pump bottle packaging.
  5. Doesn't show any side effects on my skin.
  6. Made my skin tight and soft with regular usage. 
  7. Reduces fine lines up to an extent has the ingredients have anti-aging properties.
  8. Sandalwood and Turmeric are the main ingredients. What natural you want more than these?!
  9. Great shelf life of 3 years.
  10. This is really a boon for dry and mature skins in all the seasons.
  11. Fresh and lovely fragrance.

  1. Availability is the only problem though you can easily get it from leading online shopping sites in great discounts.
My Recommendation: Dry skins would love it and stick to it! Perfect for normal skins in winter. And oily people, not for you. Try the other variants from this range.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Will I repurchase?: Sure. A single bottle will last for ages though :P

Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for reviewing purpose, but all my opinions remain honest as usual.